Thursday 30th September 2021


In Japan, Fumio Kishida has won a race to lead Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). He is set to become the next prime minister of Japan. Mr Kishida will take over Yoshihide Suga, who decided to step down after just one year in office. Mr Kishida, a former foreign minister, beat Taro Kono, who was seen as the most popular candidate.

In Bangladesh, a well known Rohingya Muslim leader has been shot dead in a refugee camp. Mohibullah was one of the most well known activists for the Rohingyas. In the past, he had been invited to the White House and to speak to the United Nations Human Rights Council. The Rohingyas are a mostly Muslim minority group that have been oppressed for many years. Mohibullah, led one of the largest support groups for the Rohingya community. He was speaking to other refugee leaders outside his office when he was shot at least three times.


In Tunisia, President Kais Saied has named a geologist as the new prime minister. This is more than two months after he sacked the previous one and gained complete power. Mr Saied urged Najla Bouden - the country's first female prime minister - to form a government soon. The president suspended parliament in July and gave himself power to rule. His actions have been widely supported by Tunisians who've been disappointed by the performance of their political parties.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, yesterday, the United Nations said the number of killings increased in August. The United Nations say the deaths were caused by armed groups but also security forces. It was announced that there were 739 cases of breach of human rights recorded last month. In July, only 492 were recorded.


In England, the leader of the Labour Party has said England is facing a "big moment" that "demands leadership”. Sir Keir Starmer said that he would be able to provide this leadership as prime minister. He then went on to criticise Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saying that Johnson had no plan.

KS: “Prime minister, either get a grip or get out of the way and let us step up and clear out this mess. It’s easy to comfort yourself that your opponents are bad people, I don't think Boris Johnson is a bad man, I think he's a trivial man, I think he's a showman. He’s a showman with nothing left to show. He’s a trickster who's performed his one trick. Once he's said the words “get Brexit done” his plan ran out. There is there is no plan.”

In France, the government announced it would reduce the number of visas given to Moroccans, Algerians, and Tunisians. France accused the three north African countries of failing to follow visa laws. Algeria has told the French ambassador to "formally protest" against the move. Meanwhile, Morocco has called the move "unjustified", and said Morocco "has always acted responsibly on the issue of illegal migration”.


In Ecuador, at least 30 inmates have been killed and dozens injured in a fight between rival gangs at a prison. Officials say at least five inmates had their heads cut off while others had been shot dead. It took 400 police officers to regain control of the prison. The jail includes prisoners related to international drug gangs. So far this year, more than 150 people have been killed in prison violence in Ecuador.

In Canada, all 39 miners trapped deep underground have been rescued. This is three days after an accident damaged the mine's lift. The workers at the mine climbed out using a series of ladders, with the support of a rescue team. The rescued miners were all in good health, according to Vale, the company responsible for the mine.

And finally, in Wales, a statue has been made to honour Betty Campbell, Wales' first black head teacher and black history campaigner. It is believed to be the first statue of a named, non-fictional woman in an outdoor public space in Wales. Mrs Campbell, who died in 2017, proved her doubters wrong after being told as a child that her dream job as a head teacher was unlikely.

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