Thursday 4th February 2021


In Myanmar, police have charged elected civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi with breaking import and export laws. She will be held in custody until the 15 of February. Her location is still unknown, but it has been reported that she is being held at her home in the capital city. Neither the president nor Ms Suu Kyi have been heard from since the military took over the country on Monday.

In India, the government has said it is unhappy about the number of celebrities tweeting about the farmer protests. In a statement yesterday, India's external affairs ministry said the social media hashtags and comments is neither accurate nor responsible. This was after singer Rihanna, tweeted about the farmer protests. Rihanna’s support to protesting farmers led other celebrities and politicians to tweet about it as well. Hours after the singer's tweet, teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg and the US vice president's niece Meena Harris, also tweeted support for the farmers. Their widely shared tweets went viral, getting thousands of replies. Farmers have been protesting at Delhi's borders against new farm laws.


In Denmark, the government has said it is working with businesses to create a digital passport. These passports would show whether people have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. This is to help stop the spread of the virus. Denmark’s Finance Minister yesterday said that “in three or four months, a digital coronavirus passport will be ready for use.

In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid a tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore, who died yesterday aged 100.

“When Captain Sir Tom Moore decided to launch a national campaign, in his own back garden, raising more money and achieving more in his 100th year than perhaps any centenarian in our history, he knew instinctively which organisation he wanted to thank and support. It was, and is, the NHS.”

Yesterday there was a "national clap" to honour him and health workers.


Mr Johnson also congratulated the UK for vaccinating 10 million people. He thanked health workers and vaccination staff for making it possible.

"But to get this life saving medicine into the arms of the nation at the kind of speed that we’re seeing, we’re relying on the doctors and nurses and all the staff of our NHS. And its thanks to their effort, the most colossal in the history of our national health service, that we have today passed the milestone of 10 million vaccinations in the UK including almost 90% of those aged 75 and over in England and every eligible person in a care home."


In Malawi, the former head of the National Examinations Board has been arrested. This is to do with a leak of school exam papers last year. Police did not say if Gerald Chiunda was suspected of being involved in the leak, but said he would be taken to court “soon after the paperwork is sorted”. Mr Chiunda has not commented since his arrest but has previously denied any wrongdoing.

Tanzania’s health ministry has denied claims being shared on social media that hospitals are full with Covid-19 patients. The Health ministry said the public should not spread fear among people. The government has repeatedly been accused of hiding the real number of cases of Covid-19.

In Mali, at least nine soldiers have been killed after their camp came under attack from suspected militant Islamists. The militants had many weapons when they broke into the camp. The attack caused several injuries and damages to the camp. The Malian army said that it had received air support from France's anti-jihadist force.


In the Unites States, US members of Congress yesterday paid their respects to Brian Sicknick. Sicknick was the police officer who died defending the Capitol from a mob of far-right supporters of former President Donald Trump. Sicknick died of his injuries the day after the January 6 attack. His ashes were laid in the Capitol for a day.

In Mexico, officials have arrested a dozen police officers for suspected involvement in the killing of 19 people last month. Investigations showed at least 12 state police officers were likely involved in the killings. Authorities have so far identified two Guatemalan migrants among the 19, whose bodies were found in a badly shot and burnt car.

And finally three female directors just made Golden Globes history. Chloe Zhao, Emerald Fennell, and Regina King are all up for Best Director award at the Golden Globes. This is the first time in the show's history that more than one woman was nominated in the category.

And that’s your world news in 7 minutes! You can find the transcript of today's episode, or listen to past episodes at I’m Namitha Ragunath, And tomorrow you will be with Stephen Devincenzi. Have a great day.

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