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Thursday 4th June 2020

Coronavirus: Six and a half million cases have been confirmed. 385,000 deaths have been confirmed and 3.1 million people have recovered.

In the United States, protests continue over the death of George Floyd. Policeman Derek Chauvin, has had his charge increased to second degree murder. 2nd degree murder means that it was intentional. 3 other police officers who were present when Floyd died have been charged with aiding murder. Last night, former president Barack Obama spoke about racism and police brutality…

“In a lot of ways what has happened over the last several weeks is a result of a long history of slavery, or Jim Crowe, or Redlining, institutionalised racism, that too often have been the plague, the original sin of our society, and in some ways as tragic as these past few weeks have been. As difficult and scary and uncertain as they have been. They ’ve also been an incredible opportunity for people to be awakened to some of these underlying trends.

South America quickly… In Colombia, one poor district of Bogota has had its lockdown restarted. Tropical Storm Cristobal is passing through Mexico, which has caused some flooding in the south. Brazil has seen anti-racism protests. Last month a black 14 year old, Joao Pedro Matos Pinto was killed by police in Rio de Janairo.


Millions of Hong Kong citizens could be given British nationality. United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has said that all 3 million Hong Kong citizens, will be given the right to live and work in Britain, if China imposes a new national security law on Hong Kong. China has told Britain to stay out of China’s domestic affairs. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam, said that the law is needed for security, and she criticised international governments

“The international community and some of the foreign governments have been adopting blatant double standards in dealing with this matter, and commenting on this matter. It is within the legitimate jurisdiction of any country to enact laws to protect and safeguard national security. USA is no exception; UK is no exception. So why should they object, resist or even condemn and take sanctions against Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China?”

In the Philippines, the house of representatives have approved new anti-terror legislation. The legislation will give more power to President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration, including the ability to detain people without charge for a longer time. Opposition politicians said that the legislation was undemocratic.


Italy officially ended its lockdown yesterday. Italy’s borders are now open and people do not have to quarantine when they arrive. Many flights to and from Italy have restarted.

Spain has extended its state of emergency until the 21st June. This is the 6th extension. Spain now has confirmed 240,000 coronavirus cases, however the daily death rate has been very low for the last week.

In London thousands of protesters gathered to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Star Wars actor John Boyega spoke to demonstrators in Hyde Park…

“We are a physical representation of our support for George Floyd… Black lives have always mattere,d we have always been important. We have always meant something .we have always succeeded regardless. And now is the time… We ain’t waiting….”


A French court has agreed to send Felicien Kabuga to the United Nations. Kabuga, who is 84, is charged with encouraging the Rwandan genocide of 1994. After 25 years of searching, he was found in Paris recently living with a false identity.

Lesotho’s former first lady has been arrested, in connection with the murder of the first wife of Thomas Thabane, Lesotho’s Prime Minister who resigned recently. Thabane’s first wife was murdered in June 2017.

In Cameroon, rights groups are demanding that the government releases information on the journalist Samuel Wazizi. Wazizi was arrested last year and some local news agencies are reporting he may have died in jail.

Hospitals in South Africa have reported a doubling in emergency admissions since Monday. This is probably related to alcohol, as on Monday alcohol was sold for the first time in 68 days because of coronavirus restrictions. Tobacco remains prohibited.

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