Thursday 5th May 2022


In Ukraine the Russian army has bombed many railway stations and storage facilities throughout the country including in western Ukraine close to Poland. Russia is trying to destroy weapons that are being transported from European countries into Ukraine before they can be used. In the Western city of Lviv some electricity plants were hit by Russian bombs leaving some people without electricity. The governor of the Donetsk region said that 21 civilians were killed by Russian attacks yesterday. In the area north of Kyiv authorities are still finding bodies from when the Russian army was in control of the area. Kyiv Police Chief Andriy Nebytov said yesterday that 1,235 bodies had been found so far, and that most had been shot.

In Mariupol the Azov steel factory is being constantly bombed. There were reports of Russian soldiers trying to enter the factory yesterday. The mayor of Mariupol says that more than 30 children are still inside. The Associated Press has reported that the air strike on a theatre in Mariupol in March probably killed 600 people, based on information from over twenty survivors and rescuers.

In an interview with Sky News Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba said that he doesn’t expect a peaceful settlement to the war...

“I do not expect a negotiated settlement soon because Russia clearly preferred war to negotiations. If you want to talk you do not launch an offensive in Donbass by bringing thousands of people an tanks and artillery pieces. If you prefer talks to war you do not besiege Azovstal and shell them 24 hours pre day. If you prefer talks to war you do not hit Ukrainian citizen infrastructure across the entire country with cruise missiles... We literally have no other option but to win this war because the existence of Ukrainian identity. The existence of Ukrainian nation is at stake...”

In Belgium the European Union is making final decisions about banning the import of oil from Russia. EU commission president Ursula Von der Leyen said that Putin must pay a ‘high price’ for his war in Ukraine...

“This will be a complete import ban on all Russian oil - seaborn and pipeline - cruse and refined. ”

Hungary has said that it will not support the ban on Russian oil. In 2020, the EU imported around a third of its oil from Russia, however in Hungary it is more than half. Yesterday The UK has said it will ban the export of services to Russia, including accountancy and consultancy.


In the United States there have been more protests against a possible decision to change the law on abortion. Yesterday Vice President Kamala Harris said that it was an assault on freedom...

“How dare they? How dare they tell a woman what she can do and cannot do with her own body? How dare they? How dare they try to stop her from determining her own future? How dare they try to deny women their rights and their freedoms?”

The Dominican Republic has said that a diplomat who was kidnapped in Haiti has been released. Dominican Foreign minister Roberto Alvarez said yesterday that Carlos Guillen had been released, however, he didn’t say whether ransom money had been paid.


In Nigeria, United Nations secretary general Antonio Guterres has praised a programme to re-integrate jihadist islamists into surrender. The Boko Haram group has been fighting against the Nigerian government for twenty years, however Nigeria is now trying to help fighters who surrender to become part of the community again. Guterres said that the rest of the world should invest in Nigeria’s Borno state...

“I want to appeal strongly to the international community to understand Borno as a state of hope, to support humanitarian action in Borno and to invest in the Borno of hope.”

In Somalia, Burundi has said that ten of its peacekeepers were killed in an attack by Al-Shabaab. The islamist jihadhst group attacked an African Union base on Tuesday. Al-Shabaab said that it had killed over 170 soldiers.


Hong Kong has dropped almost 70 places in the media freedom index in one year. Reporters Without Borders rank countries by the freedom of their media every year. When the ranking started in 2002, Hong Kong was placed 18th in the world, however recently authorities have been removing freedom of the media in Hong Kong to make it more similar to the situation in China where the media is heavily censored. Hong Kong now ranks 147th out of 180 countries.

The Philippines will vote in a presidential election on Monday. Most opinion polls are showing that Bongbong Marcos will win the election, the son of Ferdinand Marcos, who was the dictator of the Philippines for 21 years.

And in the UK, a robot chef has been designed at the University of Cambridge. The robot chef does not cook itself, but it chews food, tastes it and gives a recommendation as to how to improve it. Researchers say that the tasting process is very similar to a human’s and could help people make tastier food.

That;s your world news in 7 minutes. You can contact us by email at or by sending an audio message at I’m Stephen Devincenzi. Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow.

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