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Thursday 9th July 2020.

The President of cote d’ivoire Amadou Gon Coulibaly has died suddenly at the age of 61.

Thursday 9th July 2020

Starting in Europe:

British chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has said every person in the UK will only have to pay 50% for meals when eating out at pubs and restaurants. The discount for meals in public will take place from Monday to Wednesday every week in August 2020. During his announcement yesterday, Mr Sunak said this new discount will help families eat out and spend more money on the high street following the coronavirus lockdown….

“To get customers back into restaurants cafes and pubs, and protect the 1.8 million people who work in them, I can announce today that for the month of August we will give everyone in the country an ‘eat out to help out discount’. Meals eaten at any participating business, Monday to Wednesday, will be 50% off up to a maximum discount of £10 per head for everyone, including children. Businesses will need to register and can do so through a simple website open next Monday. Each week in August, businesses can then claim the money back with the funds in their bank account within 5 working days. 1.8 million people work in this industry, they need our support and with this measure, we can all eat out, to help out.”

In Eastern Ukraine, forest fires have killed at least six people and damaged several villages. Authorities used water-bombing planes, the national armed forces and hundreds of firefighters. Temporary housing will be given to people who have lost their homes, and up to $1.9m will be given out to support victims.


Students in Hong Kong are now banned from any political activity in schools, including singing, posting slogans and avoiding classes. This new rule was made yesterday, the same day that a new national Chinese security office opened in the city. China has opened this office to "safeguard national security" in Hong Kong. Carrie Lam, the chief executive of Hong Kong, called it a "historic moment" for the city.

Yesterday, Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city, began a second lockdown, as they saw a rise in new coronavirus cases. 5 million Melbourne residents will be not be allowed to leave home for 6 weeks, except for essential reasons. The Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews spoke about Melbourne’s new lockdown…

“There is simply no alternative other than thousands and thousands of cases, and potentially more, many, many people in hospital and the inevitable tragedy the will come from that. Stay at home means just that. Not stay at your holiday home, not stay at your second home, your principle place of residents is where you must be, except for the 4 reasons to leave your home. This is, I know, further than we went last time, but we are in many respects in a more precarious, challenging and potentially tragic position now, than we were some months ago.


The Prime Minister of cote d’Ivoire Amadou Gon Coulibaly has died at the age of 61. Mr Gon Coulibaly got sick at a weekly cabinet meeting and was taken to a hospital, where he was declared dead. The 61-year-old had recently come back from France, where he had received two-months of heart treatment. Mr Gon Coulibaly was one of the favourites to win the presidential election in October, and his death creates huge uncertainty over the election.

In Ethiopia, at least 239 people have been killed and 3,500 arrested in more than a week of unrest due to the killing of singer Hachalu Hundessa. It was said yesterday that these deaths include 215 civilians, nine police officers and five military members.


Yesterday, 2 top United States universities sued the immigration services over a new decision to take away visas from foreign students whose courses will be fully online. The universities suing ICE - Immigration and Customs Enforcement - are Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The universities said that ICE is "leaving hundreds of thousands of international students with no educational options within the United States”, and that “for many students, returning to their home countries is impossible, impracticable, expensive, or dangerous.”

President Donald Trump also said yesterday that he will cut federal funding to schools if they don't resume in-person for the Autumn semester…

“The schools will be open in the fall, and we hope that most schools are going to be open. We are very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools.”

And finally, leaders of the Scrabble tournament community in North America are voting on whether to ban the use of racial and homophobic slurs. This decision comes from weeks of anti-racism protests in the US and around the world.

He had been diagnosed with HIV eight years ago and now shows no sign of the virus.

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