Thursday 9th September 2021


In Afghanistan, dozens of women have protested against the formation of an all-male interim Taliban government to rule Afghanistan. Protestors said they would not accept a government with no women ministers. Some women were reportedly beaten before the protests were broken up. Local news organisations said some of its journalists were detained and beaten for reporting the protest. The Taliban has warned that such protests are illegal.

In Indonesia, forty-one prisoners died yesterday. This was after a fire swept through an overcrowded jail near Indonesia's capital, Jakarta. The fire at Tangerang prison broke out when most of the inmates were asleep. Guards unlocked some of the cells but had to leave as the fire grew bigger. There were 122 inmates staying in the worst-affected prison block. This was far more than the 40-person capacity that each block has. Two foreign victims, inmates from Portugal and South Africa, are among the dead.


In El Salvador, people marched to protest against Bitcoin becoming an official currency. El Salvador became the first country in the world to accept Bitcoin on Tuesday. Protesters burned tyres and set off fireworks in front of the Supreme Court building as the government sent heavily armed police to stop the protests. Many protesters believe the use of bitcoin will lead to more corruption and poverty.

In Mexico, a powerful earthquake has hit it’s pacific cost. The magnitude-seven earthquake was also felt strongly around 370km away in Mexico City. Power cuts were reported in several states and there was damage due to the earthquake shaking hills and mountains. One man was reportedly killed.

In the United States, a statue of an American Confederate general in Virginia has been taken down. Governor Ralph Northam announced it would come down after the death of George Floyd. Crowds cheered as a crane removed it yesterday. Statues of leaders of the pro-slavery and confederate states have caused controversy for many years now.


In Guinea, coup leaders have released about 80 political prisoners. These prisoners had been detained under the ousted President Alpha Condé. As they walked free, they were welcomed by crowds of cheering supporters. Around 400 people had been imprisoned during protests in 2020.

In Ethiopia, local officials have accused Tigrayan forces of killing around 120 civilians. The killings took place in early September, local authorities said yesterday. They also said that residents were “still searching for dead bodies around the area and counting is still going on”.


In France, a historic trial has started over the 2015 Paris attacks which left 130 people dead. The shooting and bombing assault by Daesh, the Islamic State group, was the worst post-World War Two attack in France. The only surviving attacker, Salah Abdeslam, is being tried with 13 other defendants at a facility in Paris. The trial is being described as the biggest in France's modern history.

In the UK, Boris Johnson has defended his plan to raise National Insurance to fund health and social care, saying it deals with "catastrophic costs" faced by millions.

BJ: “I have to take a a judgment, make a choice, about what I think is the higher priority. And I think that what the people of this country will want after what we've all been through is honesty and fairness and rationality about the situation. And that means making sure that we don't just leave the burden to mount up for future generations; that we do address the costs of the pandemic on the NHS which have been colossal. We need to fix those now. And I actually think that this will make a huge positive difference to millions of families.”

And finally, In China, the government has banned written exams for 6- and 7-Year-olds. This is to tackle pressures children face in schools that are too competitive.

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