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Tuesday 12th October 2021


In Yemen, an abandoned oil tanker could leave 8 million people without water, a report from the Guardian newspaper has said. The FSO Safer was abandoned in 2017 after Houthi rebels took control of all areas close the ship. There are over a million barrels of oil on the ship, valued at over $80 million dollars, however, negotiations between the United Nations, Houthi rebels and the United Nations recognized government have failed to reach a decision about what to do with the ship. Reports say that an oil spill could cover the East coast of Yemen, ruining water supplies for millions of people and destroying wildlife. Yemen has been in a civil war since 2014. Houthi rebels control the West of Yemen including the Capital city Sanaa, and the Government of Mansur Hadi controls the East.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has attacked India’s treatment of Muslims in the Kashmir region, and said India has a racist government. In an interview Khan was asked to comment on human rights abuses against Uygher Muslims in China, that some countries have recognized as genocide. However, Khan said that international attention should equally focus on the situation of Muslims in the Hashmir region of India...

“I find these selective pronouncements on human rights.... I think it is so immoral... Now... China is one neighbour, the other neighbour is India. In Kashmir, there are 900,000 troops who have put 8 million Kashmiris in an open prison. Over 100,000 Kashmiris have died since 1989. The way what they are doing in Kashmir right now... and the UN reports say what they are doing...not one word of criticism in India .Not just that, what they are doing to the minorities in India, Muslims in India, Muslims in Assam, the laws they have passed. It is a totally racist government.”

In Iraq the Shia Muslim group of parties lead by Muqtada al-Sadr has won the most seats in the parliamentary election. At the time of recording this podcast the results are still being counted, however former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s party is expected to win the second highest number of seats. 42% of Iraqis voted.

In Australia a lockdown that lasted 107 days has finished in the state of New South Wales where one in three Australians live. Some people in the largest city, Sydney, queued to enter pubs and shops that opened at midnight on Monday. Prime Minister Scott Morrison thanked Australians for getting vaccinated against COVID. Almost 70% of Australians have now received at least one dose of a vaccine...

“Today is the day so many have been looking forward to. The day when the things we take for granted we’ll celebrate. Being with family and friends. Getting a haircut. Grabbing a meal together. Going to a pub and having a beer with your mates. I want to thank Australians for the incredible job they've done of getting vaccinated. Over the weekend, more than 400,00 vaccines were administered across the country. That is the biggest weekend we’ve had throughout the entire vaccination programme.”


In Ethiopia, the army has launched a major attack on Tigrayan forces, Tigrayan leaders have said. Since war in the Tigray region started last November, the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front were forced out of power, but then regained control of the Tigray region in June. Since then Tigrayan forces have taken control of parts of the Amhara region as well, which is where they say they are now being attacked. The Ethiopian government has not confirmed any fighting.

Burkina Faso has started a trial over the assassination of President Thomas Sankara in 1987. 14 people, including former president Blaise Campaore, are accused of involvement in the death of Sankara, who was killed in a coup d’etat.


In Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro has been criticised for blocking a plan to distribute female hygiene products to disadvantaged girls and women. The plan to give tampons and sanitary pads for free to homeless people, prisoners, and in public schools was approved by parliament, but blocked by Bolsonaro.

In Chile, President Sebastian Piñera will be investigated for corruption, Marta Herrera, the head of Chile’s anti-corruption unit has said. She said that they will investigate the sale of a mining project by Piñera’s family, that was shown in the Pandora Papers leak.


In Austria Alexander Schallenberg has been sworn in as chancellor. Sebastian Kurz resigned on Sunday after he was linked to a corruption scandal.

In Poland local media says that over 100,000 people protested on Sunday in support of the European Union. Last week a top court ruled that some EU laws were incompatible with the Polish constitution. This gave the appearance that Poland may try to leave the European Union, however, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki denies this.

And in Greece robots are being used by the postal service to make sorting faster. Small robots on wheels are able to pick up a package, scan its postal code, weigh it and then empty it into the correct delivery sack. George Constantopouos, the CEO of Greece’s postal service, said that the robots made the sorting process three times faster.

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