Tuesday 14th June 2022


In Ukraine, the governor of Sievierodonetsk says that Russian forces have destroyed the last bridge into the city, meaning that civilians are now trapped, and humanitarian aid can’t reach them. According to officials, some limited military access remains.

The Wikimedia Foundation is appealing against a Russian order to remove information related to the war in Ukraine. A Russian court has fined the Foundation USD 88,000 for refusing to remove what it calls disinformation, including articles called “The Russian Invasion of Ukraine” and “Massacre in Bucha”. Wikimedia owns the website Wikipedia and says that people have a right to know the facts about the war.

NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg says that Sweden is taking steps to meet Turkey’s demands to approve Sweden’s application to join NATO.

“We welcome that Sweden has already started to change its counter-terrorism legislation, and that Sweden will ensure that the legal framework for arms export will reflect their future status as a NATO member with new commitments to allies. These are two important steps to address concerns Turkey has raised.”

The United Kingdom has published its plans to override some trade rules for Northern Ireland. The new plans will remove checks and change the role of the European Union’s court. Prime minister Boris Johnson has said these are “relatively trivial” steps.

Bulgaria’s foreign minister and energy minister have resigned, after the ITN party quit the governing coalition last week. Prime Minister Kiril Petkov has said he will try to gain support for a minority government.


In the Democratic Republic of Congo, members of the M23 rebel group have seized a town on the eastern border, according to local activists. Violence in the east of the country has caused over 30,000 to escape to Uganda, the United Nations humanitarian agency said. Authorities say that Rwandan soldiers supported rebel attacks on Sunday.

South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo were expecting a visit from Pope Francis in July, but this visit has been cancelled because of the Pope’s knee injury. The Pope said he hopes he can visit as soon as possible.


In China, a COVID-19 outbreak has been traced to a 24-hour bar in Beijing. Millions of people will now undergo mandatory testing, and thousands of people will be affected by targeted lockdowns.

India’s opposition leader Rahul Gandhi has been questioned by money laundering investigators. The investigation is linked to a complaint made nine years ago by a member of parliament from the prime minister’s party.

In South Korea, truckers have been on strike for 7 days. Truckers say they are considering blocking shipments of coal to a power plant if the government rejects their demands for minimum pay guarantees.


Cuba has sanctioned 381 people who participated in protests last summer. Thousands of people protested in towns and cities across Cuba, protesting against food, medicine and power shortages. 297 of the sanctioned people have been sentenced to between 5 and 25 years in prison.

The United States will impose visa restrictions on 93 people who are believed to have undermined Nicaragua’s democracy. The people include judges, prosecutors, national assembly members and interior ministry officials.

And the United States Federal Aviation Administration has approved the final environment assessment for a SpaceX Starship. SpaceX has said this puts them “one step closer to the first orbital flight test of Starship”, which is designed to travel to the moon and Mars.

That’s your world news in 7 minutes. You can find us on social media, we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @send7podcast. I’m Juliet Martin, tomorrow you will be with Stephen Devincenzi. Have a lovely day.

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