Tuesday 1st December 2020


In Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison demanded an apology from China yesterday, after a fake picture was posted on a Chinese government Twitter account. The post was made by Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lijian Zhao. In the picture, there appeared to be an Australian soldier murdering an Afghan child, holding a bloody knife. Morrison said Beijing should be "ashamed" for sharing the image.

"It is deeply offensive to every Australian, every Australian who has served in that uniform, every Australian who serves in that uniform today. It is is utterly outrages, and it cannot be justified on any basis whatsoever. The Chinese government should be totally ashamed of this post. It diminishes them in the worlds eyes. It's a false image and a terrible slur on our great defense forces and the men and the women who have served in that uniform for over a hundred years."

In Sri Lanka, shooting took place yesterday at a high-security prison. This happened after inmates broke out of their cells to protest the rise in coronavirus infections. The shooting left at least eight dead and 55 wounded. Hundreds of police surrounded the Mahara prison just outside the capital Colombo as prison guards tried to stop the unrest.

In Indonesia, thousands of people fled their homes after a volcano erupted on Sunday. The volcano blew ash high into the air, causing large grey clouds. No one has been injured, but authorities warned people of "lava and poisonous gas”. Indonesia has the world's most active volcanoes.


In France, politicians announced yesterday that they will completely rewrite part of a controversial security bill. There were huge protests across France on Saturday against Article 24 of the bill, which aimed to control how people share videos or photos of the police. There were fears the law could stop people exposing police brutality. Politicians agreed to rewrite the bill after a video was released, showing four policemen beating a black music producer in Paris.

In Moldova, soon to be president, Maia Sandu, yesterday called for Russian troops to be removed from a region at the border with Ukraine. In her first news conference as president-elect, Ms Sandu said Russian forces never had permission to be in the region. Russia rejected her comments, and said the move could cause unrest. Ms Sandu defeated president Igor Dodon, who was openly supported by Russia, in a vote earlier this month.


In Zimbabwe, rescuers yesterday found one of the bodies from a gold mine which collapsed last week. Six miners were rescued and taken to hospital within hours, but dozens of miners are still trapped. Family members of the miners have camped at the site for days. The miners federation said that heavy rains started again yesterday, shortly after the first body was found, forcing rescuers to pause for the day. Illegal mining has increased in Zimbabwe as a result of the economic problems and high unemployment.

Yesterday in Cameroon, lawyers began a boycott of all courts in protest against what they describe as police brutality. Earlier this month police officers assaulted and tear-gassed several lawyers. Those lawyer were trying to get bail for their colleagues who had been arrested over allegations of corruption. The president of the Bar Council in Cameroon said lawyers were being targeted and attacked. He said the strike would continue for the next five days.


In the United States, President-elect Joe Biden named ex-Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen as his nominee for treasury secretary yesterday. If she is chosen for the job, she would be the first woman ever to hold that role. She was among several women chosen for other top positions. Mr Biden has promised to build a diverse administration.

"I said at the outset, i wanted to represent this campaign to represent and look like America. We've done that, now thats what i want the administration to look like and act like, for all those of you ."

An indigenous leader from the Ecuadorean Amazon won a Goldman environmental prize yesterday. Nemonte Nenquimo was chosen for her success in protecting 500,000 acres of rainforest from being dug for oil. Last year Nenquimo and the members of the Waorani indigenous group took the Ecuadorean government to court over its plans to sell their land. Their case won legal protections of indigenous rights.

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And finally, an overweight elephant, once known as the world's loneliest elephant, arrived in Cambodia yesterday. Kaavan was rescued from a Pakistani zoo, where he lived in isolation for 35 years, after his only friend died in 2012. In Cambodia he will live in a wildlife sanctuary in open space with a large group of other elephants. Among those who welcomed Kaavan, was pop star Cher, who paid for a legal team to fight for his release. The singer even performed a song for Kaavan.

Cher sings

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