Tuesday 1st March 2022

In Europe, fighting continues in Ukraine.

Russia and Ukraine held peace talks yesterday in Belarus. Russian state news said that “we discussed in detail all the items on the agenda and found some common points on which we predict common positions can be found”. Ukraine’s presidential advisor has said that a second round of negotiations is planned.

French president Emmanuel Macron spoke to Russian president Vladimir Putin in a phone call yesterday. Macron asked Putin to stop all strikes on civilians in Ukraine, preserve civilian infrastructure and provide safe access to key roads. Macron’s office says that “President Putin confirmed his willingness to commit on these three points”.

According to the Kremlin, Putin told Macron that Kyiv would have to be neutral and “demilitarised” and Russia’s control over Crimea formally recognised for a settlement to be reached.

Russia has closed its airspace to aeroplanes from 36 countries, including all 27 members of the European Union. Ukraine has signed an official request to join the European Union.

British prime minister Boris Johnson has said that the United Kingdom will provide more military support to Ukraine in the coming days. Norway will also send weapons to Ukraine. This goes against a policy from the 1950s, saying that Norway would not send arms to non-NATO countries.

Switzerland will adopt all the sanctions that the European Union is imposing on Russia. This is a change from Switzerland’s traditional neutrality. The United States has now placed sanctions on Russia’s central bank.

The United Nations held an emergency session yesterday. Secretary-general Antonio Guterres said the idea of a nuclear conflict is “inconceivable” and said fighting in Ukraine must stop.

“The fighting in Ukraine must stop. It’s raging across the country from air, land and sea. It must stop now. Russian missiles and their bombardments have been pounding Ukrainian cities day and night. Mr President we are facing a tragedy for Ukraine but also a major regional crisis with potentially disastrous implications for us all.

“Yesterday, Russian nuclear forces were put on high alert. This is a chilling development. The mere idea of a nuclear conflict is simply inconceivable.”

In the rest of the world …

Mexico is investigating reports that around 17 people were killed during a funeral wake at the weekend.

The United States sent former senior defence and security officials to Taiwan yesterday, according to president Joe Biden’s administration. Taiwan’s presidential office says that the meeting shows that “Taiwan’s ties with the US are rock solid”.

In Sudan, protesters are marching on the presidential palace to protest against military rule. Yesterday, protesters reached the palace gates for the second time since the military coup in October.

And in Uganda, a new government policy is encouraging young mothers to return to school.

That’s your world news in 7 minutes. One SEND7 supporter from Japan, Ryuichi, has said that he wants to stand with the Ukrainian people, but also many Russians who are against the war...

"Here in Japan, I've heard many people from Russia are devastated by this situation and at the loss. Of course I am against the war and I stand with Ukrainian people, but if I'm allowed I'd like to stand with Russian people, though I don't have friends from both countries."

If you would like to send your thoughts or feelings on the war in Ukraine, then you can send an audio message at

I’m Juliet Martin, tomorrow you will be with Stephen Devincenzi. Stay safe and have a good day.

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