Tuesday 20th April 2021


In Pakistan, yesterday Prime Minister Imran Khan said he would lead a campaign of Muslim-majority countries. The campaign would be to “convince” Western countries on the issue of insulting the Prophet Muhammad. The campaign will ask Western governments to make it a crime to insult Islam’s prophet.

In Russia, prison authorities announced yesterday that Alexey Navalny is being hospitalised. Navalny, who is a Kremlin critic, has been on a hunger strike for 3 weeks. It was reported that his health is getting worse and that he will be moved to a hospital for prisoners.The hunger strike is to protest the way prison authorities are treating Navalny. Navalny said the prison was not giving him proper treatment for his back and leg pain.

In Australia and New Zealand, quarantine free travel began yesterday. This will allow families who have been separated by the pandemic to reunite. Many videos online showed people crying as they hugged their family and loved ones after months of being separated.


In the UK, Health secretary Matt Hancock said yesterday that The UK will be putting India on the "red list" for travel. He said this is due to fears of a new Covid variant. Matt Hancock said there had been 103 UK cases of the India variant.

Matt Hancock: "We've recently seen a new variant first identified in India we've now detected 103 cases of this variant, of which again, the vast majority have links to international travel. We've made the difficult but vital decision to add India to the red list. This means anyone who is not a UK or Irish resident or a British citizen cannot enter the UK if they have been in India in the previous 10 days. Mr speaker India is a country I know well and love. Between our two countries, we have ties of friendship and family. I understand the impact of this decision, but I hope that the house will concur that we must act.”

In Germany, yesterday, for the first time, the German Greens have announced a candidate to run as chancellor. The Green Party announced that Annalena Baerbock would be its choice to take over Angela Merkel after September's election. Ms Baerbock is likely to be the only woman in the election.

In Europe, 12 of the biggest football clubs have agreed to join a new European Super League (ESL). Many people are angry with the idea of a Super League. This is because the teams will always have a space in the Super League despite how badly they play in other leagues. The Union of European Football Associations has said clubs and players joining the Super League could be banned from all of its competitions and the World Cup.


In Chad, the army said it has killed at least 300 rebel fighters who attacked the northern part of Chad eight days ago. The army said five soldiers were killed. The rebels attacked the northern part of Chad the day Chad held its presidential election. The rebels are against the ruling of President Idris Deby. Mr Deby has ruled the country since 1990 and is expected to win a sixth term.

In South Africa, a huge fire in the University of Cape Town spread to a 200 year old campus library, forcing students to escape the building. More than 100 firefighters and 4 helicopters were sent to put out the fire. The library has been destroyed and one fire fighter has been injured and is in hospital.


In the United States, yesterday President Joe Biden announced that every American is allowed to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Biden: "Folks, I have good news. Everybody is eligible as of today to get the vaccine. We have enough of it, you need to be protected, and you need in turn to protect your neighbours and your family. So please get the vaccine.”

In Mexico, the government plans to ask Joe Biden for an extension on one of their welfare programs. The program aims to provide Mexicans with jobs. The government said they hope this will reduce the amount of people migrating to America. The Mexican and US government say that hunger and poverty has led to tens of thousands of migrants trying to cross the U.S border.

And finally, NASA has successfully flown a small helicopter on Mars. Nasa celebrated the first controlled flight by an aircraft on another planet.

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