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Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Starting in the Americas today…

The United States is continuing to report tens of thousands of COVID19 cases every day, 3 months since the first acceleration of the virus. Arizona, Florida, Texas and California are seeing fast rises in cases. New York is recovering. Hundreds of thousands of people returned to work in New York yesterday. However, 20% of the world’s new cases are still in the United States. Yesterday, Greg Abbot, the governor of Texas said that the spread of COVID19 in Texas is unacceptable...

“COVID19 is now spreading at an unacceptable rate in Texas and it must be corralled. We have several strategies to reduce the spread without having to shut Texas back down. First we need to have all Texans follow the safe protocols that we’ve all come to learn. Stay at home if you can, sanitize your hands , try to stay 6 feet away from others that you are not travelling with, and if you cannot stay a safe distance, wear a face mask or face covering.”

In Latin America

Brazil has the second highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world – with 1.1 million. On Friday Brazil reported 55,000 new cases in one day. President Jair Bolsonaro has not spoken to the media in the last few days. Protests for and against Bolsonaro are continuing.

In Panama the bodies of 19 people have been dug up. The people were killed in 1989 during the US invasion of Panama. The bodies will be studied to investigate the cause of their deaths.


North Korea is planning to send balloons with propaganda leaflets into South Korea. Last week North Korea destroyed a building on the border which had been used for peace talks.

There is currently a heatwave in Russian Siberia. Siberia has recorded some of the highest temperatures ever – including 38’C in the town of Verkhoyansk – the highest temperature ever recorded within the arctic circle.

Europe quickly… In Italy, hundreds of migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean and brought to Sicily yesterday. France has brought home ten children of Daesh fighters from a refugee camp in Syria. And in Serbia initial results show the ruling party has won a large majority in parliamentary elections. Voter turnout was expected to be low as major opposition parties boycotted the election.

Lots of news from Africa

Malawi has a presidential election today. Last year president Peter Mutharika won a presidential election, but the result was annulled by the constitutional court. Opposition leaders Lazarus Chakwera and Saulos Chilima have teamed up to try to beat president Mutharika.

The leader of Libya’s GNA Fayez al-Sarraj met with the United States ambassador in Triploli yesterday. French President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday that Turkey is playing a dangerous game in Libya.

Tunisia has had protests in the Southern city of Tataouine. Police used tear gas to disperse protesters who were complaining about high levels of unemployment.

In South Africa thousands of people were left without transport yesterday as minibus drivers went on strike. Many people walked to work ad taxis blocked roads, complaining about a lack of government support during coronavirus lockdowns.

Cote d’Ivoire say they have captured a jihadist leader. Defence minister Hamad Bakayako said that the captured jihadist was responsible for an attack this month that killed ten people.

Somalia has voted to give one-third of parliamentary seats to women. In 2012 only 14% of The lower house was made up of women – but now there will be a 30% quota. And a Tanzanian artist has become the first Sub-Saharan African to receive over a billion views to his Youtube Channel. Diamond Platinumz plays bongo flava music and has recorded with artists from Nigeria, south Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe and the DRC…

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