Tuesday 26th July 2022


Myanmar’s military government has executed 4 democracy activists, according to state media. The men were accused of terrorist acts. Burma has been ruled by the military since the democratically elected government were removed from power in February last year. The United Nations has called the executions “depraved acts”. US government spokesperson Ned Price said that the world cannot do “business as usual” with the Burmese military...

“With the escalating violence with these horrific atrocities that the junta has carried out, there can be no business as usual with this regime. We urge all countries to ban the sale of military equipment to Burma, to refrain from lending the regime any degree of international credibility....”

In Taiwan there were practices for a Chinese invasion yesterday. In the capital city Taipei there were air raid sirens and police directed people to shelters. In China yesterday the foreign ministry condemned a planned visit to Taiwan by United States congress speaker Nancy Pelosi. Taiwan has been completely independent of China since 1950, however China still views Taiwan as a province.


Ukraine says that it will attempt to export grain by sea tomorrow, despite Russian attacks on the port of Odessa. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has said that ships that are going to pick up grain from Ukraine will be checked for weapons. Lavrov has been speaking to the Arab League in Egypt...

“And if the ships are coming to pick additional grain from Ukrainian ports, on the way there, the ships will be inspected to make sure that they don’t bring any weapons which would only be detrimental to the continued conflict”.

Yesterday the Russian army bombed many areas of North, East and South Ukraine. In the city of Mykolaiv a school was destroyed, according to mayor Oleksandr Syenkevych. Ukraine said that it had destroyed 50 Russian ammunition depots using US-supplied long distance rockets. The United Kingdom’s ministry of defence has said that Russia faces a dilemma, of whether to continue to capture land in East Ukraine, or to extend its defences in the parts of Southern Ukraine it has captured.

Russia’s state energy company Gazprom has said that it will reduce the amount of gas given to Germany this week. Gazprom said that it was because of technical difficulties, however Germany has said that this is an excuse.

The United Kingdom will host the 2023 Eurovision song contest. Ukraine were the winners of this year’s competition, however organizers said that it could not be held in Ukraine at this time. The UK came second.

In Czechia, the police have turned a stolen Ferrari into a police car. The Ferrari 458 Italia can travel over 200mph, and the police said that it was a stolen car that they will use to track more stolen cars.


in The Democratic Republic of Congo protesters have attacked United Nations buildings in the city of Goma close to the border with Rwanda. Protesters want United Nations peacekeepers to leave the area, saying that they have failed to protect people. The UN mission in the DRC has criticised the government for spreading the anti-UN message.

Tunisia voted in a referendum on a new constitution yesterday. At the time of recording this podcast the result has not been declared, however, the turnout for the referendum was expected to be very low - possibly only 12%. President Kais Saied has said that there is no minimum threshold to approve the constitution, which will give him much more power.


In the Bahamas, Prime Minister Philip Davis has said that a multi-agency investigation is being carried out, after 17 Haitian migrants were killed when their boat sank Between Sunday and Monday. Davis said that 25 people were rescued and the rescue operation is continuing, and that the migrants were trying to use speed boats to travel from the Bahamas to the United States...

“Preliminary investigations suggest that a twin engine speedboat left a docking facility off west bay street around 1am with approximately 60 persons on board. It is believed that their final destination was Miami, Florida.”

In Canada, the Pope has arrived for a week long trip which he has described as “penance”. The Pope is apologizing for the abuse of indigenous children at church schools, which he called “evil”.

In the United States there is a large wildfire around the Yosemite national park. The fire has been growing since Friday and over 6,000 people have been evacuated.

Chile has opened its first factory to produce electric buses. The factory will make new buses and will also convert old diesel buses into electric ones. Reborn Electric says that they have the first electric bus factory in Latin America.

That’s your world news in 7 minutes. Listeners if you listen on Spotify then please leave a star rating in your app. As I record this we have 412. I’m Stephen Devincenzi. Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow.

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