Tuesday 2nd August 2022


In Ukraine a ship left the port of Odessa with grain, yesterday, for the first time since Russia invaded on the 24th February. This is considered an incredibly important step to improve access to food around the world, especially in Africa, where many countries import Ukrainan grains. The Sierra Leone flagged ship Razoni, which is carrying thousands of tons of corn has departed for Lebanon.

Ukraine’s president Volodymr Zelensky has urged people in the Donetsk region of Ukraine to evacuate, because of the continuing Russian offensive in Donetsk. Zelensky said that Russia had already destroyed important infrastructure for delivering heat and electricity. On Thursday an explosion in an area of Donetsk occupied by Russia killed at least 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war. Russia said that a Ukrainian HIMARS missile hit the prison, however Ukraine said that Russia deliberately killed the prisoners so that they could not speak about the torture and murder of Ukrainian prisoners. Most of the prisoners were captured by Russian forces in May when they surrendered from the Azov steel factory in Mariupol. Russia and pro-Russian separatists, now control around 60% of the Donetsk region.

In Southern Ukraine, a millionaire and his wife were killed by a Russian attack on the city of Mykolaiv. Oleksiy Vadatursky was a grain exporter, and one of Ukraine’s richest people. Ukraine has said that Russia is moving some soldiers from the North and East of Ukraine to the South, where the Ukrainian army is trying to recapture territory occupied by Russia since March.

Kosovo’s government has delayed a new rule, which says that people using Serbian identification must use a temporary Kosovar identification while in Kosovo. Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti says that it is the same requirement that Serbia puts on people from Kosovo entering Serbia. On Sunday hundreds of ethnic Serbs who live in Kosovo protested by blocking the border area with vehicles.

In the United Kingdom, England won the women’s euros football, beating Germany in extra time. Queen Elizabeth described the victory as “inspirational”.


In South Africa over 80 suspects have been in court, following a gang rape last week. Police say that all the men are undocumented migrants, and that DNA test were being carried out to prosecute the men.

In Senegal, the ruling party of President Macky Sall, and also the main opposition party, have both claimed victory in parliamentary elections that took place on Sunday. Official results have not yet been released.


In Iraq protests have continued in support of populist Shia leader Moqtada al-Sadr. Protesters stormed the parliament, for the second time this weekend, with at least 125 people injured.

In Pakistan, floods killed many people during July. Khadija Tahir reports...

Floods caused by Monsoon rains have killed 437 people since last month. Due to excessive rainfall, dozens of villages have been submerged, and thousands of people have been evacuated. According to Pakistan's national disaster management authority, more than 4000 homes have been destroyed, and 136 people killed in the province of Baluchistan. Yesterday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif visited some of the affected areas.

In China a popular food blogger is under investigation for eating a great white shark. Tizi has almost 8 million followers on the Chinese streaming channel Douyin, and showed herself buying, cooking and eating a shark she called “hooktooth”. However, police in Nanchong are investigating Tizi because they say the video shows a Great white shark, which is categorized as vulnerable to extinction.

In Singapore, the United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has started a tour of Asia. Pelosi is scheduled to visit Taiwan today, despite warnings from China that it will worsen US-China relations.

Australia will have a referendum on changing some words in the constitution. The changes would recognize indigenous Australians, and would require parliament to ask indigenous Australians when making decisions. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said that Australia was ready for the change...

“We are seeking a momentous change, but it is also a very simple one. It is not a matter of special treatment or preferential power. It is about consulting Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people on the decisions that effect you.”


In the United States, floods in the state of Kentucky have killed at least 30 people over the last few days. Some experts are calling it a one in a thousand year event, however, many also say that it is becoming more likely because of climate change.

In Brazil a pair of conjoined twins have been separated, using the help of virtual reality. Bernardo and Arthur Lima were joined at the head, and their separation is considered one the most complicated separations ever completed. Teams spent months trialling different techniques using virtual reality projections, which the surgeon Noor Ul Owase, described as “space-age stuff!”

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