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Tuesday 2nd June 2020.


In the United States, protests continued for a seventh day and night over the killing of George Floyd, racism and police brutality. An autopsy has confirmed that Floyd was killed by asphyxiation, and a policeman has been charged with murder. Yesterday George Floyd’s younger brother, Terrance, spoke at a protest, and told people to protest peacefully…

“If im not over here, blowing up stuff. If im not over here, messing up my community,. Then what are you all doing? What are you all doing? Your all doing nothing? Because that’s not gonna bring my brother back at all. So lets do this another way. Lets do this another way.”

120 cities have experienced protests in the last few days, and 21 states have deployed the national guard. Riot police are currently outside the White House in Washington. New York governor Andrew Cuomo said that he wanted a reform of the police force. However, he also spoke about the problems of mass gatherings for spreading coronavirus…

“And now, mass gatherings? with thousand of people? In close proximity? One week before we’re gonna open New York City? What sense does this make? We don’t even know the consequence for the covid virus of those mass gatherings. We don’t even know. We wont know possibly for weeks That’s the nature of the virus. How many super spreaders were in that crowd. ‘well they’re mostly young people’, How many young people went home, and kissed their mother hello? or shook hands with their father? Or hugged their father? or their grandfather, or their grandmother or their brother or their sister, and spread a virus?”

Presidential candidate Joe Biden said that he will address institutional racism if he becomes president.

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro joined his supporters again yesterday in the capital Brasilia. Bolsonaro was riding a horse, but stopped to shake hands and embrace his fans. He did not wear a mask. Brazil currently has the highest daily death rate anywhere in the world, with around a thousand confirmed COVID deaths every day.

Latin America is now the hotspot of COVID19…

Chile has passed 100,000 confirmed cases of COVID19. Peru also recorded a record 8,800 cases on Saturday. In Colombia many business have reopened, but social distancing measures continue. in Mexico many lockdown measures were relaxed yesterday, despite a constant rise in cases.


In South Africa there was a rush to buy alcohol yesterday. Alcohol was banned for two months during lockdown. Over 8 million Africans returned to work yesterday. The government has warned that the pandemic has not reached its peak.

Cameroon has reopened schools and universities. Cameroon was the first country in West Africa to report a case of COVID19, on 6th March and has had social distancing measures since April. In Tansania students also returned to class yesterday. South African schools will open next week.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a second Ebola pandemic has been confirmed. the DRC is also facing the coronavirus pandemic and a rise in cases of measles.


In Turkey, most public places reopened yesterday. Restaurants, cafes, swimming pools, gyms, parks, beaches, libraries and museums were permitted to open. Turkey has confirmed 160,000 COVID19 cases, however the number of new cases has dropped since April. International flights can start from June 10th.

Russian President Vladamir Putin has set July 1st for a vote on constitutional reform. Putin has been either Prime Minister or President since 1999, and if this reform is passed, he could continue as president until 2036.

The prime minister of Armenia has tested positive for COVID19. Nikol Pashinyan announced his infection by posting a video on facebook yesterday.


Spain recorded no COVID19 deaths yesterday. It is the first 24 hour period with no coronavirus death recorded, since March 3rd. In the UK, Liverpool football club players took a photo of themselves on their knees, in solidarity with the protests in the United States.

Also In the United Kingdom May was the sunniest month ever. There were 266 hours of sunshine in May. It was also the driest May for 150 years.

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