Tuesday 31st August 2021


In Afghanistan, the US military has finally evacuated all US soldiers. The US army has evacuated it’s soldiers after two decades of war, leaving the Taliban in charge. General Frank McKenzie, who was in charge of the evacuation managed to evacuate around 123,000 civilians. General McKenzie said the cost of the mission had been high, with more than 2,400 US soldiers killed since 2001.

FM: "I'm here to announce the completion of our withdrawal from Afghanistan in the end of the military mission to evacuate American citizens, third country nationals and vulnerable Afghans. It's a mission that brought Osama Bin Laden to a just end, along with many of his Al-Qaeda co-conspirators. And it was not a cheap mission. The cost was 2461 US service members and civilians killed and more than 20 000 who were injured."

In India, rising numbers of COVID-19 vaccines are raising hopes that India will continue being an exporter within months. After donating or selling 66 million doses to nearly 100 countries, India stopped exports in mid-April to focus on vaccinating Indian locals first. This was when cases were on a rise in India.


Across Africa, more than 44,000 people, are currently declared missing. This was announced by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), marking the International Day of the Disappeared. About 82% of those missing are from just seven countries in Africa. Around 24,000 people have been registered missing in Nigeria. Other countries with high numbers of disappeared people include Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia, Libya, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon. The ICRC said Africa had seen a rise in the number of missing people in the past year because of armed conflicts and other forms of violence.

In Ghana, police have shot down two suspected armed robbers that they say were behind the killing of a UK-based journalist. Syyed Taalay Ahmed, was in Ghana last week to film a documentary when armed robbers shot at the car he was in. Police said they killed two of the gunmen and arrested four others. Weapons and stolen items were recovered from the gang. There is growing concern across Ghana over the rising cases of robberies on major roads.


In Peru, a crash between two river boats in the Amazon has left at least 11 passengers dead and others missing. This is according to a government statement made yesterday. The accident took place on the Huallaga River, in Muyuna on Sunday. Firefighters, policemen and sailors are in charge of the search for those who disappeared.

In the United States, the number of hate crimes rose last year to the highest level in more than a decade. This was mostly a rise in attacks against Black and Asian victims, according to the FBI. Their data showed more than 7000 hate crimes in 2020, a 6 percent increase since last year. This is the highest number since 2008, according to the report from yesterday.


In France, a speed limit of 30km/h (18mph) has been set in Paris. This is in an attempt to improve the environment. The aim is to lower accidents, and reduce noise and pollution. A poll suggests 59% of people in Paris are in favour of the measure, but some businesses are among those who are opposed.

A rise in coronavirus infections and a drop in vaccinations is holding back Europe's effort to curb the pandemic, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The organisation said a recent increase in Covid-19 cases and deaths was "deeply worrying”. They blamed the more infectious Delta variant, the easing of restrictions and summer travel. They also predicted Europe could record another 200,000 deaths by December.

And finally, scientists say light pollution may be causing a "worrying" decline in insects. There is growing evidence that insect populations are shrinking due to climate change, habitat loss and pesticides. Scientists says this could lead to many problems, include a loss of forests.

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