Tuesday 5th July 2022

Good morning. This is SEND7 World News in 7 minutes. I’m Namitha Ragunath, and today is Tuesday the 5th of July 2022.

Starting in the the Americas today:


In the United States, police have released a video of a black man being shot dead in Akron, Ohio. The man, named Jayland Walker, was hit more than 60 times by police. Hundreds of protesters marched the streets, calling for “justice for Jayland". Mr Walker was not armed when he ran away from the police. The eight officers involved in the shooting, seven of whom are white, have been put on paid leave. Akron’s mayor, Daniel Horrigan, said "violence is not the answer".

Akron Mayor Daniel Horrigan: "Many will wish to air their grievances in public and I fully support our residents rights to peacefully assemble. But I hope the community can agree that violence and destruction are not the answer."

In Central America, at least five people have been killed by Tropical Storm Bonnie. Four died in Nicaragua and one in El Salvador. Bonnie, a Category 1 hurricane, is expected to move to the coasts of southern Mexico in the coming days. Meteorologists have warned of life-threatening currents.


In Egypt, officials have said that two women have now been killed in shark attacks. A Romanian woman in her 40s and an Austrian woman in her 60s have died of their injuries. The incidents happened in the Hurghada region in the Red Sea. This is a major tourist resort. Several beaches have been closed in the area as a result.

In Nigeria, yesterday, police found heroin hidden inside packs of baby food. This was at Lagos' main airport. Three suspects have been arrested. 23kg (50lb) of heroin was smuggled on a flight from South Africa.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, yesterday authorities announced that the latest Ebola outbreak has been contained. This is three months after it began. The World Health Organization (WHO) said this is thanks to a quick response in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Four people have died since this outbreak. This is the Democratic Republic of Congo's 14th outbreak since 1976.


In India, rescue teams in Manipur are searching for 20 missing people. This is days after a massive landslide. More than 40 people have died so far in the landslide, after it hit a railway construction site. Officials say heavy rains and fresh landslides have affected rescue efforts.

In Sri Lanka, the energy minister has issued a warning over a petrol shortage. Kanchana Wijesekera said Sri Lanka only had enough petrol left for less than a day under regular demand. He also said the next petrol shipment was in more than two weeks. Last week, Sri Lanka stopped sales of petrol and diesel for non-essential vehicles. This is as Sri Lanka struggles to pay for imports like fuel, food and medicines. Sri Lanka is facing its worst economic crisis in more than 70 years.


In Italy, at least seven people have been killed by an avalanche. The avalanche was caused by the collapse of a glacier in the northern Italian Alps. Eight others were injured in the collapse, with two people suffering serious injuries. Rescue teams using helicopters and drones have continued searching for 15 people who are still missing. Italy's Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, said the incident was "without doubt" linked to climate change.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron has reshuffled his government. This is after his centrist ruling alliance failed to win a parliamentary majority last month. Yesterday, the president made several changes to high-profile roles. After public pressure, Macron removed Damien Abad, a minister who is currently facing a rape investigation. Key roles such as the prime minister and finance minister did not change.

And finally, in England, a new species of a giant water lily has been discovered. It holds the record as the world's largest water lily. Its leaves grow more than 3m (10ft) wide.

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