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Tuesday 5th May 2020

COVID19 deaths pass 250,000 worldwide. Total recoveries are 1.2 million.

Starting in the Americas…

In the United States daily deaths from coronavirus may reach 3000 by June. That’s according to predictions of the Trump administration. At the moment, there are 120,000 confirmed cases, and an average of 1,600 deaths a day. However, new models show that there will probably be 200,000 cases by June, and 3000 daily deaths.

In Venezuela, the government claims to have stopped an invasion. President Maduro said that they had killed 8 men and captured two, saying that terrorists had entered the country from Colombia. An ex-soldier from the US confirmed that they were trying to invade Venezuela. The situation continues.


Japan has extended its state of emergency until 31st May. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that Japan’s rate of infection was not low enough to stop restrictions.

Bangladesh had its worst single day for COIV19 yesterday, with 688 new cases, bringing the total over 10,000

In Iran mosques will be allowed to open with social distancing measures. Active cases of COVID19 are at the lowest they have been since March.

In India, there have been riots in the Gujarati city of Surat. Migrant workers say that they were promised transport to their hometowns, hundreds or thousands of kilometres away, however, protesters say that they are stuck in Surat.

In Vietnam schools have reopened. They were closed for three months. Despite sharing a border with China, Vietnam has reported less than 300 cases of COVID19, and no deaths.

Jordan has lifted its 7 week lockdown, and Malaysia and Thailand have stopped some restrictions. Thai restaurants will be able to serve one person per table and cannot serve alcohol.


World leaders have pledged 7.4 billion euros for vaccines, diagnostics, and treatments for COVID19. The virtual meeting was hosted by the European Union and included leaders from all around the world, however the United States, Russia and India did not attend. EU commission president Ursula Von Der Leyen said that pledging 7.4 billion euros, showed “the true power of unity and of humanity”…

Dr Tedros Adanhom of the World Health Organization reminded world leaders of the importance of sharing treatments equally. He said that we cannot accept a world in which some people are

protected but others are left exposed….



The World Health Organization have warned that Madagascar’s herbal tonic is not a cure for coronavirus. It has already been sold to Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania

In Kenya thousands of people lost their homes because of floods last week. It is expected that over a hundred people died in the floods that also effected Uganda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Nigeria is easing its 5-week lockdown. In Lagos and Abuja many people returned to work yesterday, however there was less traffic than usual. Nigeria’s Medical association

South Africa is also slowly reopening. Around 1 and a half million people returned to work yesterday, however the government has asked people to continue to work from home if they can.

Egypt, Tunisia and Rwanda have also begun to relax their lockdowns.

How has the pandemic affected your town or city? Send your whatsapp audio message to +44 7307 872 842, with your name and location

Europe In France, a hospital has found that a man had COVID 19, in December. When retesting samples from patients with pneumonia, doctors found the coronavirus in one sample. France officially confirmed its first COVID19 case on the 24th of January.

Italy relaxed its lockdown yesterday, with many returning to work. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte asked the people to ‘act responsibly’. Around the country many people were seen clapping and sometimes, dancing in the street.

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