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Wednesday 10th March 2021


In the United Kingdom, the Royal Family has released a statement, one day after an interview was broadcast of Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle. The interview was the most watched programme in the United Kingdom this year, with 11 million watching. Markle said that she had felt suicidal after not being provided support, and a member of the family had asked how dark her child’s skin might be. The Royal Family said yesterday that it was concerned about racism, and that they were saddened to hear of how challenging the last few years had been for Harry and Meghan.

In Greece there was fighting between police and protesters yesterday. At least 5000 people marched in Athens to protest against police brutality after a video was shared showing a young man being beaten by police on Sunday.


Tunisia’s defence ministry has said that 39 people died after 2 boats sank when trying to reach Europe. All of the victims were from Sub-Saharan Africa. 165 people were rescued from the boats that were trying to reach the Italian island of Lampedusa.

In Uganda opposition leader Bobi Wine has asked his supporters to protest peacefully against President Yoweri Moseveni. Moseveni has ruled Uganda since 1986 and was declared the winner of an election in January that the European Union has called ‘not democratic’. Yesterday Wine told people to rise up peacefully and unarmed...

“I call upon you to rise up peacefully unarmed and demonstrate against a regime that has oppressed us...”


Mexico may legalize marijuana this week. A draft law is being debated by the congress which would allow possession, cultivation and the regulated sale of cannabis. The proposal was approved by the senate in December and is backed by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Brazil’s former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is now expected to run for president again in 2022. Lula was convicted of corruption in 2017, however on Monday hte Supreme Court annulled his convictions. Argentina’s left-wing President Alberto Fernandez celebrated Lula’s release by tweeting ‘justice has been done!’.

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In Myanmar a second official of the deposed ruling party has died under military detention. Zaw Myat Linn of the died yesterday after being taken by police in Rangoon, according to the National League for Democracy. The death of Khin Maung Latt was reported on Monday. There have been protests every day since the military took power in a coup d’etat on 1st February. The military justifies the coup by saying that there was fraud in last year’s election that gave power to the NLD and it’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi. The United Kingdom, The United States and The European Union have paced sanctions on people responsible for the coup, and called for a return to civilian rule in Myanmar.

Bangladesh now has its first openly transgender news reader. Khadija Tahir reports...

Tashnuva Anan Shishir became the first transgender news reader in Bangladesh yesterday. Tashnuva is 29 years old and has a master's degree in Public health. The Bangladeshi government allowed trans people to be recognized as a separate gender in 2013 and, five years later, gave them the right to vote. Bangladesh has around 1.5 million transgender people who often face violence and discrimination. Ms. Shishir said that she was determined to become a news reporter even after being rejected by many news channels. Shishir will also appear in two films later this year.

Japan has said that the Tokyo Olympics will go ahead without international spectators. The Olympic games were planned for last year, but were postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

And China is considering lessons in romance in its schools. This week China held hone of its major political meetings, and leaders discussed Romance lessons, as a possible solution to falling marriage rates.

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