Wednesday 11th August 2021.


In the United States, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned yesterday. This was after an investigation found he had sexually harassed 11 women. President Joe Biden had asked the governor to step down. His resignation marks the second time in 13 years that a New York governor has stepped down due to a scandal. He announced his resignation on television.

AC: "And I think that given the circumstances, the best way I can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to governing. And therefore that's what I'll do, because I work for yo, and doing the right thing is doing the right thing for you."

In Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaro is facing criticism over a military parade that took place yesterday. The far right leader stood at the top of the palace steps in the capital, Brasilia, as many tanks and armoured vehicles drove past. Critics said the event reminded them of Brazil’s military dictatorship in the past.

Also in the United States, yesterday the Senate approved a major infrastructure spending bill. The bill aims to invest $1 trillion in roads, bridges, public transport and improved internet access. This is a big victory for President Joe Biden, who urged members of the two major parties in Congress to work together.

JB: "As you all know just a short while ago, the United States senate passed the infrastructure investment and jobs act; the very legislation I ran on when I announced my candidacy for the nomination for president historic investment in the nation's roads and highways bridges and transit and our drinking water systems and broadband clean energy. environmental cleanup and making infrastructure more resilient and the climate crisis much more in our minds is how do we deal with it."


In Sweden, the trial of an Iranian citizen accused of committing war crimes began yesterday. Hamid Noury has been in custody in Sweden for almost two years. He is accused of war crimes and murder during the final phases of the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. 5,000 political prisoners were allegedly killed across Iran at the end of its conflict with Iraq. Under Swedish law, courts can imprison Swedish citizens and other nationals for crimes against international law committed in other countries. Noury has denied the claims against him.

In the UK, more than 75% of adults have now received two Covid jabs. Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the vaccines were "allowing us to reconnect with the things we love”. He also said people will be able to receive booster vaccines in early September.

SJ: "Well when it comes to booster jabs, we are waiting for the final advice from the JCVI, that's our group of independent your clinical advisors. And when we get that advice, we will be able to start the booster program, but I anticipate it will begin in early September."


In Ethiopia, prime minister Abiy Ahmed has asked people to join the army in its fight against rebels in the Tigray region. The prime minister asked "all capable Ethiopians" to "show their patriotism" by joining the war, happening across the north of Ethiopia. Fighting in the Tigray region has increased since June when the rebels took over much of the Tigray region. The prime minister, who is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, said the whole country had to get behind the battle to defeat the Tigray People's Liberation Front.

In Kenya, civil servants have been given 13 days to be vaccinated against Covid or they will face disciplinary measures. Joseph Kinyua, the head of public service, said the rule was made because many public servants, especially teachers, weren’t getting vaccinated. He also said that some public servants had avoided getting vaccinated in order to stay away from work.


In China, a Canadian citizen has lost his challenge against a death sentence for drug smuggling. The court said Robert Lloyd Schellenberg's death sentence would remain, as the evidence against him was strong. Schellenberg was initially sentenced to 15 years in jail, but in 2019 an appeal court said that wasn't enough, leading to a retrial and a death sentence. The verdict comes as relations between Canada and China remain weak.

In Bangladesh, vaccination campaigns for Rohingya refugees began yesterday. Khadija Tahir reports…

“Yesterday, the Bangladeshi government started its vaccination campaign for Rohingya refugees. With the help of international aid agencies, 65,000 Rohingya refugees will be vaccinated against covid-19. In the first round of the campaign, in which community leaders, front-line healthcare volunteers in the refugee camps, and Rohingya older than 55 will be vaccinated. The Rohingya muslims are a stateless community who escaped from Myanmar in 2017, where the military is accused of genocide of the Rohingya people."

And finally, in Singapore, a baby - thought to be the world's smallest at birth - has finally been sent home. The baby was in hospital for 13 months for intensive treatment. Kwek Yu Xuan was just the weight of an apple when she was born.

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