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Wednesday 17th November 2021

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In Uganda three suicide bombers detonated themselves in the capital Kampala yesterday. At least 3 people died in the attack, not including the attackers. One bomber attacked a police checkpoint and two detonated near the Ugandan parliament. No group has claimed responsibility, however Al-Shabaab and other islamist groups often attack the area.

In Libya, military leader Khalifa Haftar has announced that he will run for president this year. Haftar has been described as a ‘warlord’ and since 2014 he commanded an army that tried to take the capital Tripoli from the United Nations backed government of Libya. Elections have been agreed by Libya’s transitional government for the 24th December. However some Libyans have said that the candidacy of Khalifa Haftar and Saif Gaddafi, the son of former leader Muammar Gaddafi, have made the vote ‘farcical’.

In South Africa, drugmaker Pfizer yesterday signed a deal to allow other manufacturers to produce its COVID-19 pill. The deal could make the treatment available to more than half of the world's population. However, this deal excludes some large countries that have suffered devastating coronavirus outbreaks, such as Brazil, Cuba, Iraq and Libya. Pfizer has said that its pill could reduce hospitalizations and deaths by almost 90%


United States President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met virtually yesterday...


JB: ” Good evening to everyone here in the United States and good morning to you, Mr. President in Beijing.”

The meeting was aimed to reduce tension between China and the US. Taiwan is the biggest cause of tension at the moment. Taiwan has been an independent country since 1949, however China insists that it is part of its territory. Yesterday, Xi spoke about how Taiwan was using American support for its “independence agenda”. Biden said that the US and China must avoid conflict, however he also said that China should stop its military activity around Taiwan and said that China should stop “playing with fire”.

In Chile the senate was voting on the impeachment of Sebastian Piñera last night. At the time of recording this podcast, a final decision has not been reached, however it is not expected that the senate will convict Piñera. Chile has a general election on Sunday. Piñera is not a candidate as he has already been president twice.


Turkey has arrested a man in connection with the murder of Haitian president Jovenel Moise. President Moise was murdered at his home in Haiti on 7th July. A group of former Colombian soldiers are the main suspects, however nobody has been officially charged. Turkey arrested businessman Samir Handal, while he was transiting in Istanbul.

India’s former foreign minister had his home attacked yesterday. Khadija Tahir reports...

In India, the house of ex-foreign minister Salman Khurshid was set on fire yesterday. Khurshid is a Muslim belonging to the main opposition party, the Indian National Congress. Last month, Kurshid’s book was released in which he compared Hindu nationalism, to extremist groups such as the Islamic State. According to the local police, a local Hindu group vandalized and set fire to Khurshid's home. Human Rights activists say that religious minorities have faced increased discrimination and have been frequently attacked since Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party came to power in 2014.


Polish border guards have fired water cannon and tear gas at refugees trying to illegally cross the border from Belarus. Refugees threw stones at the Polish guards. Thousands of refugees, mostly from Iraq and Syria, have been stuck at the border between Belarus and Poland for over a week. The European Union blames Belarus for deliberately helping the refugees. Yesterday, Polish Muslims buried a 19 year old Syrian who drowned while trying to swim into Poland.

Germany has delayed the use of Nord Stream 2 - a gas pipeline that travels from Russia into Europe. Construction of the pipeline has finished, however it is not yet being used. The United States and some European countries have said that the pipeline is a bad idea, as it will make Europe too dependent on gas from Russia.

France has changed the colour of its flag. The presidential office of Emmanuel Macron has started to use the tricolore flag with a darker shade of blue - more similar to how it looked after the French revolution. The change was actually made last year, however, nobody noticed until now...

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