Wednesday 19th January 2022


NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg has invited Russia to continue talks about Ukraine, however Russia has said it wants answers to its security demands before more talks can start. Russia has demanded that Ukraine can never become a member of NATO, and that NATO removes weapons from some Eastern European countries. NATO has said that any country has a right to join NATO if it wants to. This week the United Kingdom has started sending anti-tank weapons to Ukraine. United States secretary of state Anthony Blinken is expected to visited Ukraine today. European Union foreign policy head, Josep Borrell, has said that a ‘massive attack’ on Ukraine by Russia was not likely, but that smaller attacks and cyber attacks are more probable...

“the possibility of a massive attack against Ukraine is not a most probable scenario. There are other ways of attacking like the cyber attacks.

Turkey and Serbia have agreed to hold talks between different governments from Bosnia. Bosnia is governed by two separate governments, one that mostly controls ethnic Bosnian and Croatian areas, and one that controls mostly ethnic Serbian areas. Recently, the Serbian speaking government has been passing laws that could separate it more from the country of Bosnia.


The director of the African Centres for Disease Control has said that there has been a collapse of global cooperation around vaccines. 60% of the world’s population has now received a COVID19 vaccination, however, in Africa only 15% have received one. John Nkengasong said that there was no good reason that only 7 of Africans are fully vaccinated...

“I think that there is absolutely, absolutely no reason why the continent of Africa should be lagging behind - having only 7% of the population fully immunised. A continent of 1.2 billion people. It is totally unacceptable.”

In Somalia a suicide bomb has killed at least 4 people in the capital Mogadishu. Islamist jihadist group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack.


In Afghanistan deaths have been reported after an earthquake in one of the poorest provinces. Khadija Tahir reports...

In Afghanistan, at least 22 people have been killed after two earthquakes hit the north-western province of Badghis. The US Geological Society reported that the earthquakes had a magnitude of 4.9 and 5.3. According to local authorities, 700 houses were damaged. Rescuers are still looking for more survivors.

In Tonga people are still missing after tsunamis were caused by the eruption of an underwater volcano on Friday. Three people have been declared dead. New Zealand has said that it hasn’t been able to send aid because of ash covering Tonga’s main airport.

Hong Kong has said that it must kill 2000 hamsters to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Camila el Alami reports from Hong Kong...

In Hong Kong, authorities said yesterday that traces of coronavirus were detected on 11 hamsters while investigating the city’s first untraceable Delta variant diagnosis in more than three months. The sale of hamsters has now been suspended, as well as imports of all rodents. local media has reported that all hamsters bought since the 22nd of December must be given to authorities, and the owners must be tested.


In the United States the senate is debating legislation on voting rights. Democrats accuse Republicans of passing state laws which make it more difficult for people to vote. During 2021, Republicans in many states passed laws that reduced the right to use mail-in voting, early voting, and same-day registration for voting. Democrats say that this is aimed at making it more likely for the Republicans to win. Republicans say that they are strengthening the voting system and reducing the possibility of fraud. The House of Representatives has already passed legislation to protect voting rights, however will probably not pass in the senate because of Republican opposition. Yesterday, Vice President Kamala Harris said that the bill must be passed, because the freedom to vote was “under assault”.

“Today our freedom to vote is under assault..."

In Peru there has been an oil spill. 2 kilometres of beaches have been affected after a ship was rocked during the large waves caused by the volcanic eruption in Tonga.

And Jamaica has qualified for the four-man bobsled event in the Winter Olympics in China. In 1988 Jamaica surprised the world by qualifying for the bobsled event despite their tropical climate, and film was made about their appearance. This will be the second time that Jamaica competes in the four-man bobsled competition.

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