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Wednesday 20th October 2021


In the United States, former President Donald Trump is suing the Congress committee that is investigating the riot at the US capitol on the 6th January. Trump is aiming to block access to documents about his final months in the White House and what happened on the day of the riot. 5 people died during the attack, and 4 police officers present have committed suicide since the riot. Trump also testified this week in a case against him by protesters who say that they were assaulted by his security team in 2015. The protests were after Trump, who was then a candidate for president, called Mexicans’ ‘rapists’. ..

“They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists...”

In Ecuador, indigenous people have demonstrated against a plan by President Guillermo Lasso to increase the production of oil. Lasso is hoping to increase foreign investment in jungle areas. Leaders of indigenous communities from the Amazon have said that the plans will destroy their homes and kill their culture. Also in Ecuador, President Lasso declared a state of emergency yesterday because of a rise in drug-related violence. Lasso said that the army will be in the streets.


In the United Kingdom, the government has made an agreement with billionaire Bill Gates to invest in renewable energy. Speaking yesterday, Bill Gates and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, said that the aim of the deal was to reduce the cost of green technologies.

BG: “We’ll be funding these projects jointly next year. The UK has already got a number of applications coming in. We have lots of small companies that are inventing better technology.”

BJ: ” The developing world has got to be given the help it needs to decarbonize. Why should you? We in the UK - we’ve been pumping this stuff into the air for 200 years. These countries haven’t. And they are going to need help to reduce their C02 output. But the only was that help can be given in the volume required is with massive private sector investment.”

In Germany a trial has started of a 96 year old woman accused of Nazi war crimes. Irmgard Furchner is accused of contributing to the murders of over 11,000 people when she worked in a concentration camp from 1943 to 1945.


In Iraq there were protests yesterday from the Fatah alliance, saying that there was fraud in the parliamentary elections. Elections on the 10th of October gave the most seats to followers of Shi’ite leader Motqaba al-Sadr, who is against all foreign intervention in Iraq.

Pakistan has reported that an Indian submarine has entered its waters. Khadija Tahir reports...

The Pakistani Navy has reported that it detected and blocked an Indian military submarine from entering Pakistani waters last Saturday. This is the third time the Pakistani military has reported an Indian submarine trying to enter its waters since 2016. A video has been released showing the alleged submarine south of the coast of Karachi, Pakistan's largest city. There has been no response from the Indian government or military yet. Pakistan and India share a border and have had an unstable relationship since gaining independence from the British in 1947.

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has said that contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant, must be released into the sea. Kishida said that the water will be extremely diluted and safe. It is expected that the slow release of over one million tonnes of contaminated water will take decades.


Mali’s government has asked it’s Islamic council to start talks with Al-Qaeda, the Islamist Jihadist group. Al-Qaeda has been fighting Mali’s government for ten years.

Senegal has said it has seized over 2,000 kilograms of cocaine - it’s biggest ever drug seizure. It is becoming more common for cocaine traffickers to use Africa as a route to bringing drugs into Europe.

And in Liberia, President George Weah has praised an 18 year old who found and returned $50,000 dollars to a businesswoman. Emmanuel Tuloe, who left school so that he could work as a motorcycle taxi driver, found the money and gave it back to the woman. President Weah, has given Tulow $10,000 dollars and two new motorcycles for his honesty, and said that he hoped that it helped him to improve his life chances.

That’s your world news for today. If you are wondering where Namitha Ragunath is - unfortunately she is sick at the moment. We hope that she will recover soon. You can send us a message in writing or as an audio message at I’m Stephen Devincenzi. Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow.

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