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Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Good morning. This is SEND7, World News in 7 minutes. Listeners, after today we are taking a short break. The next episode of SEND7 will be on Monday 3rd January 2022. Today is Wednesday the 22nd December 2021.


In the United States Omicron, is now the dominant strain of coronavirus, accounting for over 70% of new cases. The government yesterday announced that half a billion tests would be sent to people’s homes. Yesterday President Joe Biden encouraged people to receive a booster vaccination, and blamed media companies for allowing misinformation to spread about the safety

“Look - the unvaccinated are responsible for their own choices, but those choices have been fuelled by dangerous misinformation on cable TV and social media. You know these companies and personalities are making money by pedalling lies and allowing misinformation that can kill their own customers and their own supporters. It’s wrong. It’s immoral. I call on the purveyors of these lies and misinformation to stop it. Stop it now!”

Mexico has said that the number of people applying for refugee status has tripled since last year. In 2020 41,000 applications were received, and in 2021, 123,000 applications were received. Mexico approves 95% of asylum applications. Many people apply for asylum in Mexico while waiting to enter the United States.


Denmark’s parliament has voted to expel the former immigration minister Inger Stojberg. Stojberg has also been given 60 days in prison for illegally ordering the separation couples seeking asylum when the girl is under 18. Stojberg has said that she did not regret the order, saying that it was intended to prevent child marriage.

In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that no new restrictions will be started before Christmas. Many countries in Europe have introduced new restrictions recently. Johnson said yesterday that restrictions may be needed after Christmas...

“We don’t think today that there is enough evidence to justify any tougher measures before Christmas”.

Also in the United Kingdom, a fossil of a giant millipede has been found that is 2.7 metres long. The millipede, an insect is longer than car and is expected to be over 300 million years old.


Libya should have an election on Friday. However many reports say that they will not happen. There has been no official declaration of a delay, however workers of the electoral commission have said that they have been told not to prepare for an election on Friday. These elections were supposed to be the first in Libya since 2014, after which Libya was effectively divided between two governments in the East and West.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo there have been deaths in protests in the city of Goma. Protests are gainst the presence of the Rwandan military and police in the DRC. Rwandan soldiers entered the DRC last week to fight against jihadist groups.


In the Philippines, tens of thousands of people don’t have access to food and drinking water after Typhoon Rai. 392 people are reported to have died in the Typhoon, and over a million people still don’t have electricity.

South Korea is introducing some coronavirus restrictions. People will be limited to meeting in groups of 4 vaccinated people. Unvaccinated people will only be able to eat in restaurants alone. South Korea is reporting more new infections now than at any time during the pandemic, and hospitals have reported being overwhelmed.

In India a man has received a fine after complaining about Prime Minister Narendra Modi being the main face of the coronavirus vaccination campaign. This explanation from Khadija Tahir...

In India, a court has fined a man for 'wasting.' the judge's time after he complained about Prime Minister Modi. The man had gone to court to complain about Modi being the face of India's COVID-19 vaccination campaign. India has recently reached the milestone of one billion vaccination doses being administered. In celebration, The prime minister's face has been put in public places, on billboards and even aeroplanes. Modi's government has been criticised for mishandling the coronavirus pandemic as India has recorded more than 477,000 confirmed COVID-19 deaths.

United Arab Emirates vice president Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum has been ordered to pay his ex-wife over €600 million euros by a court in the United Kingdom. The court said that Sheikh Maktoum, who is also the ruler of Dubai, is the biggest threat to his ex wife, Princess Haya, and children. Maktoum has previously kidnapped two of his other daughters, Princess Shamsa and Princess Latifa, who release videos last year saying that she was being kept as a prisoner by her father. Maktoum has at least 30 children from at least 7 wives.

And in Japan KFC has asked people to order their Christmas fried chicken online to avoid queues this year. Eating fried chicken on Christmas Day has been a tradition in Japan since a successful advertising campaign in 1974.

That is your Simple English World News for this year! Spotify listeners, you can give us a Christmas gift right now, by giving us a new star rating in your spotify app, just go to the Simple English News Daily page in spotify and click on the stars. A big thank you to Juliet Martin, Khadija Tahir and Namitha Ragunath. And a big thank you to everyone who has started supporting us at And a big thank you to all of our listeners everywhere in the world. I’m Stephen Devincenzi, and I will see you on Monday the 3rd January 2022. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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