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Wednesday 24th March 2021


In the United States a man has been charged for murdering ten people in the city of Boulder in Colorado. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa shot people in a supermarket. He was injured and arrested. The Denver Post newspaper has said that his former classmates described him as violent and paranoid. This is the second mass shooting in the United States in two weeks. President Joe Biden said yesterday that assault weapons should be banned and background checks on gun owners should be better...

“We can ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines in this country, once again. We can close loopholes in our background check system.”

The United States is the only country in the world where there are more guns than people.

In Haiti, the Belize national football team was held by gunmen yesterday. The team was not hurt but Belize captain Deon McCauley described a moment of intense fear. Belize will play Haiti tomorrow as part of World Cup 2022 qualifiers.


In the Republic of Congo President Denis Sassaou Nguesso won 88% of votes in Sunday’s presidential election, according to the government. The Republic of Congo, also known as Congo Brazzaville, has been ruled by Nguesso for 36 years. The main opposition candidate Guy Brice Kolelas died of COVID19 on Monday, however he also won 9% of votes.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has admitted that soldiers from Eritrea did cross into the Ethiopian region of Tigray during fighting in the last 5 months. Previously both Ethiopia and Eritrea had denied this. Rights groups have claimed that Eritrean soldiers were involved in mass killings in Tigray at the end of last year.

In Niger the government has said that 137 people have died in attacks on villages since Sunday. Islamist Jihadist groups are blamed for the attacks in the regions close to the borders of Nigeria and Mali.


Israel held its fourth election in two years yesterday. At the time of recording this podcast, results have not been announced, however, no clear winner is expected. Parties that support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and parties opposed to Netanyahu are expected to win a similar number of seats in the Knesset.

In Bangladesh a fire in a Rohingya refugee camp in Cox’s bazaar has killed at least 15 people and many more are missing. This report from Khadija Tahir...

In Bangladesh, at least 15 people have been killed, in a fire in a Rohingya Refugee camp, according to local authorities. According to UNHCR, hundreds of people were injured in the fire, and 400 people are still missing. Bangladeshi authorities are still investigating the cause of the massive fire, which burned for almost 10 hours. The camp was housing around 40,000-50,000 people who had escaped from Myanmar since 2017 where the military are accused of genocide of the Rohingya people.


Some European countries, including France and Germany have demanded explanations from China, after China sanctioned European officials. China put sanctions on some Europeans, including members of the European Parliament, after the EU put sanctions on Chinese officials involved in internment camps in China’s Xinjian province. The EU, the UK, The US and Canada all put sanctions on some Chinese officials on Monday. They say that the use of internment camps is an abuse of human rights and may be genocide. China says that the camps are used to stop religious extremism.

In Poland a writer has been charged for calling President Andrzej Duda a “moron” on social media. In Poland it is illegal to insult state leaders. If he is convicted Jakub Zulczyk could face 3 years in jail.

And in the United States the boss of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has sold his first ever tweet for $2.9 million dollars. The tweet, which was made on March 21st 2006, was sold as a digital certificate that proves that the tweet is real. Dorsey donated the money to families in Africa affected by COVID.

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