Wednesday 26th January 2022


Russia has blamed the United States and NATO for rising tension around Ukraine. Ukraine now says that there are 135,000 Russian soldiers close to its borders, with many more entering Belarus recently. Dmitri Peskov, the spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said yesterday that The US is creating an ‘information hysteria’ and ‘reporting lies’. NATO has said that it is reinforcing its Eastern defences. Denmark is sending a ship and aeroplanes to Lithuania. France has said it will send soldiers to Romania. The United States has sent military aid to Ukraine and has put 8,500 soldiers on high-alert - meaning that they could be sent to Europe at any time. The United States has also made plans to divert gas to Europe if Russia cuts off Europe’s gas supply. Yesterday United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that heavy sanctions were ready to be implemented if Russia invades Ukraine. Johnson said that Russia was trying to change the peaceful order in Europe by holding a gun to Ukraine’s head...

“We cannot bargain away the vision of a Europe whole and free, that emerged in those amazing years from 1989 to 1991, healing the division of our continent by the iron curtain. We will not reopen that divide by agreeing to overturn the European security order because Russia has placed a gun to Ukraine’s head. Nor can we accept the doctrine implicit in Russian proposals that all states are sovereign - but some states are more sovereign than others.”

In the United Kingdom the police are investigating parties held in government buildings during lockdown. Speaking in parliament yesterday, the deputy leader of the opposition, Angela Rayner, said that it was “damning” that there could be criminality in Downing Street - the Prime Ministers office and official residence...

“So it seems (Mr. Speaker) potential criminality has been found in Downing Street, what a truly damning reflection on our nation’s very highest office”.


Iran has given a French man 8 years in jail for spying. Benjamin Briere was arrested in May 2020, when he was flying a remote controlled helicopter near the border with Turkmenistan. Briere was also given 8 months in jail for propaganda against Iran’s Islamic system. The French foreign ministry has called the sentence “unacceptable”.

Japan is expected to announce new coronavirus restrictions today as it reports more new infections than ever before during the pandemic. More than 70% of Japan is expected to be under new restrictions.

In Indonesia there was a deadly fire in a nightclub in West Papua. Khadija Tahir reports...

In the Indonesian province of West Papua, a fire at a nightclub has killed 19 people. According to local authorities, a fight broke out in the nightclub between two rival groups in Sorong city. Police tried to evacuate the building after one person was stabbed to death and a fire started on the club's first floor. Firefighters managed to extinguish the blaze by yesterday morning and confirmed the death of 18 people. Police are still monitoring the area.


In Cameroon 8 people died and many more were injured during a stampede before an African Cup of Nations football match. Confederation of African Football president Patrice Motsepe said yesterday that many people tried to enter the stadium without a ticket. The match between hosts Cameroon and the Comoros continued despite the disaster, however Motsepe said that matches at that Olembe stadium would be suspended.

In Burkina Faso hundreds of people gathered in the capital city Ouagadougou yesterday, in support of a military coup d’etat. France and the United Nations have condemned the military takeover and have demanded the release of President Roch Kabore. Burkina Faso is the fourth African country to have a military coup in the last year - after Sudan, Guinea and Mali.


In Guatemala, 5 former soldiers have been jailed for raping indigenous women, 40 years ago Indigenous women have celebrated the ruling, for crimes committed by paramilitary soldiers between 1982 and 1985.

Brazilian astrologer and mentor of President Jair Bolsonaro, Olavo de Carvalho has died aged 74. Carvalho was famous in Brazil for denying the importance of the coronavirus pandemic and for spreading anti-vaccination misinformation. He died from COVID19, according to his daughter. President Bolsonaro said yesterday that Brazil had lost one of it’s greatest thinkers.” In Brazil 620,000 deaths have been reported from COVID19.

United States President Joe Biden swore at a reporter for Fox News. On Monday afternoon, Biden whispered words to himself after a question about inflation from Peter Doocy...

“<muffled>...more inflation.... stupid son of a bitch....”

Doocy said yesterday that Biden had called him to apologize...

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