Wednesday 27th July 2022


European Union governments have agreed to ration natural gas to protect themselves against more possible reductions in supply from Russia. Energy ministers agreed to a 15% reduction in gas usage, with some exceptions. Hungary was the only country to reject the plan. Czech industry minister Jozef Sikela said that this was a big step towards securing Europe’s energy for the winter...

“I know the decision was not easy but I think at the end everybody understands that his sacrifice is necessary. We have to and we will share the pain. Regular saving during the following months will ensure we have enough gas. We will not allow Russia to threaten our security by deliberately disrupting gas deliveries and using gas as a political weapon.”

In Ukraine the Russian army has hit more parts of the Odessa region with missiles. The village of Zatoka was hit, where Russia said it had hit military infrastructure, but President Volodymyr Zelensky said only civilian buildings were hit. In the North, Kharkiv, and in the South, Mykolaiv, were also hit by Russian missiles.

Russia has said that it will stop using the International Space Station after 2024, and that it will make its own space station. Russia had been part of the international space station mission for over twenty years.

In Czechia and Germany a wildfire is spreading. Hundreds of people have been evacuated from villages in the Czech North Bohemia region.

In Hungary an advisor to Prime Minister Viktor Orban has quit, saying that a speech Orban made on Saturday was “pure Nazi”. Zsuzsa Hegeduz, who has worked with Orban for 20 years, said that his comments on race-mixing were “worthy of Goebbels”, referring to Josef Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister.

Across Europe the price of Amazon Prime will rise in September. The delivery and streaming service will rise by 43% in Spain, Italy and France. In Germany the price will rise by 30% and in the UK 20%. Amazon has blamed the price rise on inflation and increasing energy costs.


In the Democratic republic of Congo at least 15 people have been killed during protests in Goma. Offices were attacked and looted at the United Nations peacekeeping mission. Some Congolese people say that the UN mission in the DRC has failed.

In Tunisia supporters of President Kais Saied have celebrated the expected approval of the new constitution in a referendum. Final results have not been declared but only 27& of people are expected to have participated in the referendum.

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has promised to tackle the energy crisis. South Africa has experienced many power cuts recently. Yesterday Ramaphosa said that South Africa needed to make more energy, including by increasing solar energy production...

“We need to urgently add much much more capacity to the grid... South Africa has a great abundance of sun, which we should really use to generate electricity...”


In India people have died after consuming illegally produced alcohol, in a state where alcohol is illegal. Khadija Tahir reports...

In the Indian state of Gujrat, 28 people have died after consuming toxic alcohol. Alcohol is banned in Gujrat and can only be purchased with special permits. According to government officials, the deaths occurred due to the sale of illegally brewed alcohol, and 30 people are still in critical condition. Incidents like this are common in states where alcohol has been banned.

Japanese Emperor Emeritus Akihito has been diagnosed with heart failure, however he is responding well to treatment, according to the imperial household. Akihito is the father of current emperor Naruhito. Akihito was the first emperor to abdicate for over 200 years.


In the United States, Vice President Kamala Harris has visited Indiana to fight against a proposed law that would ban abortions except for in cases of rape or medical emergency. Since the Supreme Court removed the right to an abortion last month, around 12 states have essentially banned abortion and more states are expected to follow soon. Harris said that the Supreme Court was punishing women...

“So that is the context in which we meet and fight - this has created a healthcare crisis in America...”

And in Argentina people marked 70 years since the death of Eva Peron yesterday. A television series by Disney is being released about the time just after Evita’s death. Eva Peron is best remembered as the wife of President Juan Peron, and as a campaigner for women’s rights and for poor people.

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