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Wednesday 29th July 2020


In the United States, Donald Trump Jr. the son of President Trump, was banned from Twitter for 12 hours yesterday, after breaking coronavirus misinformation rules. Recently Twitter started new rules that say that a person cannot spread misinformation about coronavirus. Donald Trump Junior was given a Twitter ban after sharing a post promoting hydroxychloroquine - a drug that has not been proven to help coronavirus partients.

Also in the United States Presidential candidate Joe Biden has said that he will announce his running mate next week. All of the candidates for running mate - who would become vice president - are women.

Chile is relaxing some lockdown measures in the capital Santiago. People will now be allwoed to leave the house without permission, and meet in small groups. Chile's health ministry have said that cases have been falling recently. Chile has one of the highest infection rates in the world. One person in 55 is confirmed to have been infected.

In Peru authorities are saying that one in four people in Lima may be infected. This number is not confirmed.

Ecuador has said that Chinese boats have been found close to the galapagos Islands. In 2017 the Ecuadorian navy captured a Chinese boat which was capturing sharks and other wildlife.


In Europe there have been accelerations in COVID19 cases in some countries that relaxed restrictions a few weeks ago. Spain has recorded over a thousand new cases every day for the last 12 days. During the month of June there was no day that Spain recorded over 1000 new cases. Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has insisted that it safe to visit Spain. Sanchez condemned decisions by the UK, Germany and other countries, to advise people not to go to Spain. However, Germany itself has also seen a rise in new COVID cases recently. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that it looks like a second wave.

"Lets be absolutely clear about whats happening in Europe - amongst some of our European friends - Im afraid that you are starting to see in some places the signs of a second wave of the pandemic. I'm afraid if we do see signs of a second wave in other countries , it is our jobs and our duty to act swiftly and decisevely to stop reinfecting - to stop travelelrs coming back from those places, seeding the disease here in the UK"


Monsoon rains have killed hundreds of people and displaced million across Bangladehs, India, Nepal and China, in the last few weeks. Right now, In Bangladesh one-third of the country is under-water. Nepal has declared 134 deaths related to floods. India has confirmed over a hundred deaths and 8 million people have been forced to leave their homes.

Malaysia's former Prime Minister Najib Razak has been given 12 years in jail. He was convicted of money laundering and abuse of power. Razak is believed to have moved public money into a private bank account. Yesterday he said that he would appeal the decision, and said that it was not the end of the world...

"You hope for the best, but you prepare for the worst. This is definitely not the end of the world. Because there is a process of appeal. And we hope that we will be successfuly there."

China has cancelled extradition treaties for Hong Kong with the UK, Canada and Australia. Extradition means sending a person back to their country if they are accused of a crime. China cancelled the agreements as a retaliation for the same decision from the UK, Canada and Australia.

In Australia a report has shown that 3 billion animals were affected by fires in 2019 and 2020. Reptiles were the worst affected, but also birds, frogs and mammals. Scientists have said that these megafires were one of the worst wildlife disasters in modern history. The government has promised new laws to protect animals.


In Mali, opposition parties have rejected a unity government, proposed by West African leaders. During the last few days West African leaders have been in Mali, trying to find a compromise ot the political situation. However, the opposition have said that president Boubacar Keita must resign. More protests are expected.

South Africa will receive a €4.3 billion emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund. This will be the biggest IMF loan given to any country because of the coroanvirus pandemic. South Africa is expecting a 7% recession this year.

Tunisian French feminist figure and lawyer Gisele Halami has died aged 93. In the 50s and 60s she was an independence activist for Tunisia and Algeria. She then went to France were she campaigned to decriminalize abortion, legalize homosexuality and to stop the death penalty.

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