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Wednesday 2nd December 2020.


In Ethiopia the United Nations has said that there is a severe shortage of food. There are thousands of refugees from Eritrea in the Ethiopian Tigray region which has been the centre of recent fighting. Tens of thousands of Ethiopians have also escaped fighting into Sudan in the last few weeks. The Prime Minister of Ethiopa Abiy Ahmed declared victory over the weekend after the Ethiopian army took control of the Tigray region. However, Tigray leaders have said that they will continue to fight.

In Uganda, supporters of musician and politician Bobi Wine have been injured in fighting with police. Wine has been arrested several times and accuses the government of harassment. Wine is the main opposition candidate in presidential elections to be held in Uganda in January.


China has refused to apologize to Australia, after a senior foreign ministry official shared a fake image on Twitter showing an Australian soldier killing an Afghan child. On Monday Prime Minister Scott Morrison asked for an apology from China, however China said yesterday that Australia was trying to deflect attention from alleged war crimes in Afghanistan. Yesterday New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, said that New Zealand had also raised concerns with China...

“whilst that is an exchange that is happening between Australia and China it will of course tip into spaces where, as a general principle, we may have concerns, and we will raise those. In this case an image has been used that is not factually correct, it is not a genuine image, and so we have raised that directly with Chinese authorities.”

In a separate incident, the Guardian media group has published photos that reportedly show an Australian soldier drinking beer from the false leg of a Taliban soldier killed by Australian forces. A report released last week accuses Australian soldiers of being involved in the murders of 39 Afghan prisoners and civilians

In India, farmers are continuing to protest in Delhi. More on this story from Khadija Tahir...

KT: In the Indian Capital, Delhi, thousands of farmers have blocked roads as they continue to protest new laws passed by the Indian government in September. The laws remove minimum prices for some crops and allow private companies to invest in agriculture. According to the government, this will be good for the agriculture sector as it will provide more investment and development. The agriculture sector employs more than half of Indian workers and contributes around 18% of India's GDP. The farmers first held a month-long protest in their home states before moving to Delhi last week. Over 300,000 farmers are now protesting in Delhi.


In the United Kingdom the retailer Debenhams has entered liquidation, putting 12,000 jobs at risk. Debenhams was founded in 1778 and has 178 locations in the UK and Denmark. The Arcadia retail company, which owns Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Topman and Miss Selfridge, also went into administration yesterday, putting 13,000 jobs at risk.

In Germany at least 5 people were killed last night after a car drove through a pedestrian street. Police said that there was no known motivation for the incident in the city of Trier, close to the border with Luxembourg.

Brexit. The Organization for Economic Cooperation has said that The UK will suffer short term and long term consequences if a trade deal with the EU is not reached this year. Yesterday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that it would send a bad signal to the world, if a Brexit trade deal could not be reached. However, she also said that a deal would not be reached ‘at any price’.

AM: “I wish Michel Barnier and Ursula Von Der Leyen a lot of strength and a lot of skill for the last negotiation steps. However we don’t need an agreement at any price. We have made that clear. We want one but we will take measures which are necessary. Anyway, an agreement is in everyone’s interest.”


In the United States, a record 4.3 million COVID19 infections were recorded in November, more than double the number confirmed in October, which was itself a monthly record. Over 14 million cases have now been confirmed in the US. Yesterday the CDC - The Centers for Disease Control - held a meeting to recommend in what order people should receive vaccines in the US. Two vaccines have applied for approval from the Food and Drug administration - one from the company Pfeizer, and another from Moderna. It is possible that they could be approved this year.

And in Brazil, videos shared on social media have shown local people collecting money from the floor after a bank robbery. A heavily armed gang robbed 4 banks in the small city of criciuma between Monday night and Tuesday morning. The gang used explosives and fired heavy weapons however, nobody is reported to have died.

That’s your news in 7 minutes. Find transcripts and past episodes at I am Stephen Devincenzi. Tomorrow you will be with Namitha Ragunath. Have a great day.

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