Wednesday 30th March 2022


In Turkey, peace talks between Russia and Ukraine have continued, despite the ongoing war throughout Ukraine. Ukraine has said that it could declare its neutrality if it is guaranteed security by both the West and Russia. Russia’s defence ministry has said that it will drastically reduce its military activity in northern Ukraine, however it said that this is not a ceasefire. Russia has said that this is to help the process of negotiations, however, some military analysts say that it is because Russia’s attempts to capture Kyiv have failed. Ukraine has reported re-capturing some towns north of Kyiv including Irpin.

In the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv a Russian missile attack destroyed a government building yesterday. During a video call with the Danish parliament, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that 7 people were killed in Mykolaiv, and said that the people of Mykolaiv present no threat to Russia.

Matilda Bogner, the head of the United Nations human rights office in Ukraine has said she is concerned about videos appearing to show the abuse of Russian Prisoners of War. One video, which is difficult to verify, showed a Ukrainian soldier shooting Russian prisoners in the legs. An advisor to president Zelensky said that there would be an investigation, and that abusing prisoners is a war crime.

United States president Joe Biden has said he won’t apologize for saying that Russian president Vladimir Putin cannot remain in power. Biden has previously said that he is not calling for regime change in Russia, but that he is displaying outrage at Putin’s actions...

“Number one - I’m not walking anything back. The fact of the matter is I was expressing the moral outrage I felt towards the way Putin is dealing... and the actions of this man... just brutality... This is a guy who goes at the beat of his own drummer, and the idea that he is going to do something outrageous because I called him for what he was or what he’s doing, I think is just not rational...”

Belgium and the Netherlands expelled a total of 38 Russian diplomats yesterday who they said are suspected of spying. Ireland and Czechia also told some Russian officials to leave.

In Switzerland police have said that four members of a family who died last week by falling off of a balcony, had jumped off deliberately. Police said that they believed that the family were gripped by conspiracy theories.


In Mexico a shooting at a cockfighting arena has killed at least 20 people. Cockfighting is the forced fighting between birds, normally for gambling. The shooting in the town of Las Tinajas, was believed to be an attack by one gang on another gang.

Peru’s president has avoided impeachment after a vote in parliament. Opposition parties accused Pedro Castillo of corruption, however they didn’t receive the votes needed to impeach him.


In Israel an attack has killed at least 5 people in Tel Aviv. It is believed that an attacker was killed by Israeli police, however more information has not been given.

Bangladesh has been closing schools for Rohingya refugees. This story from Khadija Tahir...

Bangladeshi authorities have closed down the largest private school for Rohingya refugees. Since December last year, many schools for refugee children have been closed down, with authorities saying they did not acquire permission from the government. Almost 850,000 Rohingya refugees are being sheltered in many camps in Bangladesh after escaping Myanmar during the last few years. Human rights watch has said that Bangladeshi authorities are threatening to confiscate identity documents and move refugees to a remote island if they defy the ban on refugees schools.

In China Shanghai has started a lockdown to slow the spread of COVID19. China is experiencing its biggest wave of coronavirus cases since the pandemic started in China more than two years ago.

In India a fire at a rubbish dump has caused toxic fumes around Delhi. Firefighters put out the fire close to Delhi, however residents were complaining about the toxic smoke that remained after the fire.


In Nigeria there has been an attack on a train between the capital Abuja and the city of Kaduna. Some local media has reported that 60 people died in the attack. Suspected bandits planted explosives to stop the train from moving and then attacked staff and passengers. No group has claimed responsibility, however Islamist Jihadist groups are active in Northern Nigeria, as well as common bandits.

And Kenya has held its first ever women’s motor race. The Lioness Rally was won by Maxine Wahome

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