Wednesday 6th April 2022


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke via video link to the United Nations Security Council for the first time yesterday. Zelensky described in detail the massacre of civilians in the town of Bucha and other places where Ukraine has recently regained control after Russian soldiers have left. Zelensky and some other members of the security council, said that Russian leaders must be brought to justice for war crimes. Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said that Ukraine had faked the deaths of civilians in Bucha, despite Bucha being visited by many journalists from many different organizations. The New York Times has released satellite images showing bodies on the streets of Bucha after Russian soldiers left the city. United Nations secretary general Antonio Guterres said that he will never forget the horrifying images of civilians killed in Bucha.

Russia has threatened Wikipedia for hosting what it calls “illegal information”. United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson released a video yesterday in which he speaks directly to Russians and recommends that they use VPNs, virtual private networks, in order to access the internet freely. In the last sentence, Johnson says in Russian... “Your president stands accused of committing war crimes. But I cannot believe he’s acting in your name”

“The reports are so shocking and so sickening, it’s no wonder your government is seeking to hide them from you. Your president knows that if you could see what was happening, you would not support his war. But don’t just take my word for it: All you need is a VPN connection to access independent information from anywhere in the world. And when you find the truth, share it. Your president stands accused of committing war crimes. But I cannot believe he’s acting in your name

The head of NATO Jens Stoltenberg said yesterday that Russia was removing its soldiers from the north of Ukraine so that they can concentrate on conquering the Donbass region...

“We are now seeing a new phase of the war. Because Russia is really moving out, not only of Kyiv, but also of most of the north, at least reducing significantly their presence there. Because they have failed. President Putin didn’t manage to achieve the objectives he set for this military operation. His goal was to take Kyiv within days. Now he has been there for (several) many weeks, and still he has not been able to take Kyiv and many other cities in the North.”

Listeners, tomorrow I will be speaking to Halyna a refugee from Ukraine, currently in Turkey. If you have any questions for Halyna, then please send them by email to or by audio message at


In Peru there has been a mandatory lockdown because of violent protest in the capital Lima. A curfew was started yesterday in Lima because of large protests against rising food and fuel prices, and Prime Minister Anibal Torres said that the curfew could be extended to all of Peru is the violence continues.

In the United States, Elon Musk, the richest person in the world, has joined the board of directors of Twitter. This week Musk bought 9% of Twitter for almost $3 billion dollars, becoming the biggest shareholder.


In Mali Human Rights Watch has accused the Malian army of executing prisoners. Human Rights Watch said that it estimated that 300 people, accused of being part of armed groups, were killed last week. Human Rights Watch also said that it believed that some Russian mercenaries were with the Malian army during the executions.

In Nigeria a man has been jailed for 24 years for blasphemy in social media posts. Mubarak Bala is an atheist who left Islam. The Humanist Society of Nigeria said that it was a demonstration of the risk of openly leaving your religion in Nigeria.


In Pakistan, the decision by Prime Minister Imran Khan to dissolve parliament is being challenged in the supreme court. Khadija Tahir reports...

Pakistan's Supreme court is hearing petitions challenging Prime Minister Imran Khan's dissolution of the Parliament. The court said that it would continue to hear more arguments today before ruling on the legality of Khan's decision. According to legal experts, the Supreme court's ruling will have serious implications for democracy in Pakistan. No Pakistani Prime Minister has ever completed a term in office.

And Japan and Singapore have the most powerful passports in the world. According to a new global ranking, Japanese and Singaporean passport holders have the best passports, as they can visit 192 countries without needing a visa.

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