Wednesday 6th July 2022


In the United Kingdom Chancellor Rishi Sunak and health minister Sajid Javid have resigned showing that they don’t have confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Some other government staff have also resigned. Some analysts say that Johnson will not be able to continue as Prime Minister after this, however some other top ministers have said that they will continue to support him.

Poland has completed a 186-kilometer border wall with Belarus. Construction started last year when Belarus was accused of deliberately attracting migrants from the Middle East to enter Poland through Belarus. Last year nearly 40,000 people tried to cross the border, who were mostly from Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

The Ukrainian army has started to use long-distance missiles provided by the United States to target the Russian military in occupied areas of Ukraine. There have also been reports recently of Ukrainian people in areas under Russian control, damaging railway lines to stop Russia from transporting military equipment. The mayor of Slovyansk has encouraged all residents to leave the city while they still can, and said that Russian bombs killed two people in Slovyansk yesterday. Turkey is holding and investigating a Russian ship which is carrying thousands of tonnes of grain. The Ukrainian government says that the grain was stolen from Ukraine.


In the United States police have said that a man escaped by disguising himself as a woman after shooting people during a parade on Monday. 6 people were killed and 36 were injured when a man shot at people from a rooftop. He was arrested 8 hours later. Illinois governor Jay Pritzker said that mass shootings had become an American tradition...

“While we celebrate the Fourth of July just once a year, mass shootings have become our weekly - yes - weekly, American tradition.”

In the United States and around the world bitcoin is now trading for less than $20,000 dollars, its lowest value since 2020, and a drop of two-thirds since November. Some experts have said that the totally crypto-currency business has fallen from being worth 3 trillion dollars, to being worth one trillion dollars this year.

In Nicaragua the police have forced five mayors to resign. The local politicians are members of the main opposition party and were immediately replaced by politicians from President Daniel Ortega’s Sandinista party. According to the Democracy Index Nicaragua has changed from a democracy into a dictatorship in the last ten years.


Zimbabwe will start to use gold as a general currency, the central bank has announced. Governor John Mangudya said that people would be able to buy the new gold coins in either Zimbabwe dollars or United States dollars. Zimbabwe has one of the highest inflation rates in the world.

In South Africa, the state energy company Eskom has signed a deal with workers’ unions, to raise salaries by 7%. Last week there were power cuts in South Africa because of workers going on strike.

In Kenya Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Sudan’s military leader General Fattah al-Burhan met yesterday. They made a peace agreement to a border dispute between Ethiopia and Sudan.


In Pakistan heavy rains have caused a bus accident. This story from Khadija Tahir...

In Pakistan, heavy monsoon rains led to a bus accident killing 19 people. The accident occurred in the southwest province of Balochistan, where the bus fell off the side of a mountain road. 12 passengers are still in critical condition in the local hospital. The monsoon season in Pakistan causes heavy floods and fatal landslides every year.

In Saudi Arabia one million people are expected to visit for the Hajj pilgrimage this year, starting today. In 2020 and 2021 the number of people attending was much smaller because of coronavirus restrictions. It is a religious duty for all Muslims to perform the Hajj pilgrimage once during their lifetime, if they are physically able to.

In Australia, 50,000 people have been encouraged to leave their homes because of floods. In some areas near Sydney 8 months worth of rain has fallen in 4 days.

And in Japan artificial intelligence is going to be used on beaches to detect rip currents. Rip currents pull people out to sea and are the biggest cause of drowning in the sea, but the new AI in Kamakura will send a message to lifeguards if a rip current is found.

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