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Wednesday 9th June 2021


In The United States, the FBI has released details of a messaging app that it produced deliberately to trick criminals into using it. The FBI worked with police in 16 countries, and 800 suspected criminals have been arrested as a result. Calvin Shivers of the FBI said that as well as capturing criminals, over a hundred murders were avoided...

“Over the last 18 months the FBI provided criminal organizations in over one hundred countries encrypted devices that allowed us to monitor their communications. And there were a number of things that resulted from this. Not only have we heard about the number of arrests and the number of seizures, but there were over one hundred threats to life that were mitigated.”

Australian police commissioner Reece Kershaw said that the operation had seriously disrupted the illegal drug trade in Australia.

“We allege that they are members of outlawed motorcycle gangs, Australian mafia, Asian crime syndicates and serious and organized crime groups. We allege they have been trafficking illicit drugs into Australia at an industrial scale.”

Peru’s next president is still not clear, three days after the election. At the time of recording this podcast 97% of votes had been counted in Peru’s presidential election. Most sources show left wing Pedro Castillo winning 50.2% of votes and right wing Keiko Fujimori winning 49.8% of votes. If this is the final result then it will be the third time that Keiko Fujimori has lost the race for presidency despite winning over 48% of votes.

In the Brazilian city of Manaus schools have been closed and public transport has been stopped after a series of attacks. Government officials say that the attacks and fires are revenge for the police killing of a leader of a gang. 29 people have been arrested, suspected of carrying out attacks.


France’s President Emmanuel Macron was slapped in the face yesterday. Macron was walking and talking with the public when a man slapped him. Macron’s security team immediately pulled the man to the ground and he was arrested. Macron said later that violent people must not be allowed to take possession of public debate.

In the Netherlands, Ratko Mladic has lost an appeal against genocide convictions. In The Hague a United Nations court maintained the life sentences against the former Bosnian Serb leader. Mladic is convicted of crimes against humanity during wars in Yugoslavia in the 1990s.


In Pakistan the death toll has risen after a train accident on Monday. Khadija Tahir reports...

In Pakistan, a train crash has killed at least 63 people, according to local authorities. The accident took place near the city of Ghotki on Monday when one train derailed and another collided with it a minute later. Almost 100-people have been injured, and the authorities have released a list of deceased people, 12 of whom are unidentified. The Pakistani military has been sent to deal with the accident, and the train tracks were cleared and reopened yesterday. The chairman of Pakistan Railways told a local news channel that the track where the accident took place was old and needed to be replaced.

India has applied for the exclusive use of the term “basmati rice” for sale in the European Union. Pakistan has appealed to the EU, saying that its rice is also rightly called “basmati”. India is the biggest exporter of rice in the world, and Pakistan is the 4th biggest exporter.

In Myanmar, the trial of leader Aung San Suu Kyi will start next week, according to her lawyer. Kyi was removed from power by the military in a coup d’etat on 1st February. Since then there have been constant demonstrations against the military, which have lead to over 850 deaths. The military has justified their coup by saying that there was fraud in the last year’s election.


In Somaliland, opposition parties have won a majority od seats in parliamentary elections. The election was the first in Somaliland in 16 years, and took more than a week to count. The European Union congratulated Somaliland on conducting fair elections. Somaliland declared independence from Somalia in 1991, and has generally been more peaceful than Somalia, however it has not been recognized officially as a country by and other country.

In Nigeria a group of people including rights groups have started legal action to stop the government’s ban of Twitter. Nigeria banned Twitter on Friday, two days after President Muhammadu Buhari had one of his tweets removed. People are using virtual private networks to continue to access Twitter, however the government has said that people can be prosecuted for doing this.

And in The United States, Jeff Bezos, the owner CEO of Amazon, and the richest person in the world, will fly into space. Next month, Bezos will fly in a rocket made by his own space company Blue origin. Less than 600 people have ever been into space.

That’s your world news in 7 minutes. Send your opinion on any news story by email to or send an audio message at where you can also find transcripts. I’m Stephen Devincenzi, tomorrow you will be with Namitha Ragunath. Have a great day.

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