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I listen to the Send7 podcast every day to know what happened in the world. I can find here the most objective and independent news in simple language. In the ocean of information, this is as a lighthouse. Using the podcast I have a clear picture of reality. Thanks!

Marek, Poland

I listen SEND7 podcast because I'm an intermediate English student, even at my age, 65. SEND7 helps me to improve my English and informs me on the world news. I appreciate your behaviour and I hope you will never stop

Gaetano Brucculeri, Italy

Hi Stephen and Namitha. I am an English learner. I started learning English from the ground up two years ago. That's why I listen to lots of English. Your podcast helps me improve both my listening skills and be up to date about what is currently happening in the world. I usually listen to you every day and yet your podcast lasts just 7 minutes. I spend much more time with you on a daily basis because I listen to everything repeatedly. I want to mention one more thing that I am really grateful to you for. I mean the transcripts. They really help me with my learning as I can listen and read at the same time. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your work. 

Markéta Kalacsková, Czech Republic

I like to listen to the podcast every morning, and then read it, because it allows me to get news from all over the world while I improve my English.

Moro Mauro, Italy

Noe Bispo,

Dear Send 7 team, I've been enjoying listening to Send 7 podcasts over the past 18 months because it has become part of my daily routine to listen to your wonderful podcastd every weekday and I have benifited enormously from the listening. No sooner have I got up for my morning brisk walk around 22:30 UTC every weekday than Send 7 podcast is ready for me to listen while brisk-walking. SEND 7 podcasts have already kept me up to date with what is happening around the globe and have helped me with my English skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation. I do not know how to thank you enough.

Bob Li, China

 Hi Stephen and Namitha! I listen to your podcast because helps me improve listening and reading English. I think that is so interesting to speak with others without obstacles and with your podcast, I can know the news of the world while I learn. Please, don´t stop doing it because it's so important for us to listen to you every day.

Alba Giraldo, Colombia

Dear all,

SEND7 is part of my daily training to achieve my goal: improve my English.

In just 7 minutes I can improve my English and know the news from all over the world!

I like both the speakers: perfect pronunciation for my english level!


Michele, Italy

Hi there,
I love to listen to SEND7 podcast. It keeps me informed about the main news and at the same time I learn new words and phrases to improve my English.

I have also recommended it to my students. It is easy to listen to! Nothing that requires lots of time, very specific English and technological skill . Very useful and helpful indeed!!

Thank you very much!!

Elsa Maria Armario Beato, Spain

Daniel Bello,

I listen your daily podcast any morning driving to work. Thank you for yor service :-)

Fabio Guglielmi, Italy

SEND7 is easy to understand, short audios and with transcripts.

Herman, Brazil

I listen to SEND7 because it is a way to improve my English, and I would say that it is an important way to stay updated on the news from around the world.


PS, you guys are amazing.

Saul Navarro, Mexico

Because I want to practice listening English through checking the daily world news! Since last year, I’ve always listened to your podcasts on Spotify. Thank you as always and I’ll keep supporting you! :)

Hana, Japan

Pablo Finucci Curi, Argentina

I listen to Send7 to improve my capacity of listening comprehension of English language . I have also found SEND7 very useful to understand news all over the Word in only 7 minutes. It's a great podcast. You are doing a great service for every kind of people. Thank you! Best Regards from Italy. Cinzia

Cinzia, Italy

I listen to SEND7 podcast because it’s concise and comes with a transcript.

Glen, UK

I love your podcast. The voice - pronunciation - content - length - is perfect for my students learning English and to keep up with the current affairs in the world. It is great that you use quotes in the voice of the person you are referencing. Very well crafted and put together podcast. I get my students to listen to it every day. Thanks!

Sophie Cospain Davidson, British English teacher in Dubai

I listen to SEND7 to improve my English listening skills and also get to know world news. thank you‼︎

Mami, Japan

Claire Huang,

I love Send7. I listen to that everyday and I usually use it in my English classes.

Richarles, Brazil

 I love this podcast because it helps me improve my vocabulary by teaching me useful common words. The speech rate is correct, not too fast, not too slow. Furthermore, a very important point : the news chosen are international which allows me to open my mind to the world and to have a different point of view on current events. And finally, the journalists sound charismatic and friendly ! Please keep up with your podcast, you're actually helping lots of people around the world!

Claire, France

I've been listening to SEND7 podcast for one year, so it's been really useful in my journey with this language, since it helps me to improve my listening comprension and learn new vocabulary.

Abel, Mexico

I can know about world news spending only seven minutes. Listening it repeatedly is allowing me to understand more complicated English news in near future.

Kenichi Omorih, Japan

 I'm listening your podcast because I can learning English (your speed of speech is super for that) and up to date with news in 7 minutes. Thank you

Kristof, Hungary

I listen to SEND7 because I want to improve my listening skill while I know what is happening in the world

Jesus, Mexico

I listen to send7 podcast both because I want to speak better English and because it's important to know what happened around the world. Thank you for this amazing work.

Damaris, Spain

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